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Scare Tactics
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AIRED ON 10/28/2013

Season 5 : Episode 13

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Do you know what scares you? You will get to see what scares the living daylights out of average citizens just like you on Scare Tactics, the hit series from the Sci-Fi Channel and the producers of the hidden camera show Spy TV. The series puts a new spin on the hidden camera idea by featuring pranks inspired by science-fiction and horror films. Such pranks feature "victims" in situations involving haunted houses, alien abductions and more. As an added twist, throughout the seasons the different hosts of Scare Tactics take part in many of the show's pranks. For those who think the pranks may be too mean-spirited, the producers assure that the show's staff creates detailed bios on each person to ensure that they can handle the kind of situations in which they might be placed. "That's very important to note," producer Kevin Healey says of the selection process. "We're not just playing these wacky, crazy jokes on people who are unsuspecting. We work very hard with friends and family members to make sure that the jokes are appropriate for them, that they'll get a kick out of it, all that kind of stuff. That they don't have any health problems." That's one thing that the critics of the show fail to notice. Friends and family members actually have a big hand in setting up the pranks and the "victims" are not just random innocent people suckered in by the show's supposedly "cruel" producers. Originally ordered as an addition to the Sci Fi Channel's October 2002 line-up, the show was instead moved to April 2003. Scare Tactics began with a one-hour premiere, showing two original episodes back-to-back on April 4, 2003. Season one episodes aired Fridays at 10:00 p.m. followed by a repeat of the prior week's episode at 10:30 p.m. In its second season, the first few episodes of the series aired Thursdays at 10:00pm. After a long hiatus, new episodes began airing on Wednesdays at 10:00p.m. ET. The show ended in December 2004. Three and a half years later, Sci Fi Channel revived the series with episodes of Season 3 starting up on July 9, 2008. Remember, "Laugh it up. You could be next." & "Don't freak out. It's only Scare Tactics." Actress Shannen Doherty kept us on the edge of our seats as the host for Scare Tactics in Season 1 and part of Season 2. Actor Stephen Baldwin took over as host for the remainder of Season 2. Saturday Night Live veteran Tracy Morgan joins the revival of the show for Season 3.


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  • Stephen Baldwin

    Stephen Baldwin

    Host (Season 2)

    Shannen Doherty

    Shannen Doherty

    Host (Seasons 1-2)

    Tracy Morgan (II)

    Tracy Morgan (II)

    Host (Season 3+)

    Sarah Colonna

    Sarah Colonna

    Recurring Role, Guest Star

    Travis Draft

    Travis Draft


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