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Do you have a good scare?

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    Mine would be that a victim gets a temp job cleaning up toilet buildings with a actor. So they go to a remote one and they start cleaning up. The sweep the floor but then the actor notices a bunch bloody toilet paper in the trash. Hey (victim) come take a look at this, this is creepy right? Man this aint right we should call the cops. i'm gonna go outside for a minute. do afavorfor me clean up the last toilet around the corner there. So the actor goes outside and the victim opens up the last toilet and sees abloodybowl and blood on the wall it says FRIDAY NIGHT!!! he calls in the actor who says that he cantgeta reception. he is shocked to find the bloody mess. Then they hear a dark voice sayingFridaynightFridaynight. Come on man we'lle hide in the toilets. The two are hiding and they spot a man standing in front of the mirror he looks strange he has a bag with a big knife in it. The actor (accidentally) drops his phone and the killer turns around and pulls him out it looks like he's stabbing him. I knew you guys we're in here all along. You know i likeFridaynights but do you know what i LIKE MORE! no sir please don't kill me...... are you scared? youshouldn'tbe because you're on scare tactics!

    A girl gets a temp job at a paper company she meets the manager who is alittlebit nervous and uptight. he tells her that hisPChas broken down and that she could try to start it up again. He goes away and she tries to start it up. It works! she is pleased but then the background shows the same manager in a black leather get up with chains and a ball in his mouth. She isspookedwhat should she do. Then the manager comes back and stands in front of her and the PC so did you fix my computer yet? Uhm.. no ididn'tyet. okay soI'lljust be right back i forgot some papers. The girl is getting scared know. Then another creepy guy (Travis) walks in here. he says that he is a goodfriendof the manager. He talks a bit ans says that he and i have a similar hobby. Then the manager comes back in his leather suit with chains. Hey Travis Travis rips his normal clothes off and it reveals the same suit. The girl is freaking out. oh my god! Travis says. Well done getting agirlin here. So areyougonna party with us? here you could use the whip. No i just wanna get outa here.are you scared? youshouldn'tbe because you're on scare tactics!

    A guy gets atempjob at a clinic. There's a doctor there who is working on a new medicine but it's secret. He brings him to a room with two people . it's an elderly man and amiddleaged woman. The doctorsayswill you take this survey. Okay john (elderly man ) take these pillsI'llbe in my office. When he leaves john spits out the pills and says. Please you gotta help us we areheldagainstour will. i've been in here for two months. i wasasleepin my home and suddenly i woke up here. But then a big muscular guy walks in and john pretends to be asleep. Hi i'm jack so are you the new temp? Uhm ..yeah man i started this night. You're in luck working for doctor gere. he's a very smart man. Thendoctorgere comes in and Givesjacka bundle of cash. Here is your pay for the week. But john stands up and tries to run away but thedoctorand jack stop him. they inject him with a sedative. Okay the doctor says know i can't let you leave. ow...man isweari won't tell anyone anything. You know that i am working on a cure for cancer...but the last hospital iworkedfor did'ntapproveof my methods so i had to start from scratch. Tell him jack! are youscared?youshouldn'tbe because you're on scare tactics!

    Two girls (a victim and an actress) get a temp job at a house. There's a seemingly normal man there who needs some help with baking cookies for a fundraiser. He talks about his good cause and all the people they could help from poor family's. So the two go at work. they mix theDowand bake the cookies. Then they hear the guy talking on the phone. No missEdwardsi am truly interested in helping those family's. I dont know hat happened to the money. How should i know.Youknow what screw you you (bleep) he comes back and spots the progress. So you're doing fine they look great you could take one if you wan't. They both have a cookie. Then a woman rings the doorbell. It was the woman on the phone. MissEdwardshow nice to see you. Cut the crapDanielwhere is the money for our organisation? Ow that's right here. please follow me . The victim is scared know. They go away and later he comes back. So girls did you like the cookies? Then the actress falls to the floor and is foaming from the mouth the victim get really scared know. I have a special recipe. And he's holding out a bag of rat poison.are youscared?youshouldn'tbe because you're on scare tactics!

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    well my girl friend should be put on this show she just told me her worst fear is losing me so lets make that happen have some guy come in and start feelin on her with me in there then i come in and defend her and he pull out a gun and shoot me then you guys take it and have fun from there

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