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    Do you have a favorite episode or a certain scare tactic from a certain episode? There were so many great episodes and scare tactics segments in each episode.
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    [2]May 1, 2007
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     There are many episodes that I love, so I don't have a favorite. However, I think the episode with the loose gorilla was hilarious. I remember some guy (victim) was going to work at an animal research lab. While working, a crazed man (accomplice) stormed inside and freed all the animals. The victim told the accomplice not to free the gorilla, but of course the accomplice did not listen. So, the guy (victim) ran and jumped on top of a gate in the laboratory. Pretending to fear the gorilla, the accomplice also ran to get on top of the gate. When he asked the victim for help, the victim replied, "f**k you, f**k you, I should let you you better get the f**k up here."  It was a funny scene.


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    I liked the chef Andre clip where a girl was helping out a chef and his assistant. for a dinner. Chef Andre was very creepy.

    His assistant said to the girl that you would do things for him that you would normally never do. Then the girl needed to help chef Andre to grind some meat, she finds a ring. Chef Andre says open that closet and then a guy is sitting there on a chair with his arm cut off. Then the assistant comes in and says to Andre : what is the meat doing out of the closet it"s gonna spoil.

    You should see the look on the girls face.

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