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This guide needs an editor

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    The three previous editors have all retired or been force-retired from the "Scare Tactics" guide. I'm next in line for the editorship but I don't have the necessary 80 points yet. I don't really want to be editor for this guide so I'd like to see someone else step up and take over the guide, preferably someone who actually has seen the show and someone who will be a competent editor.

    There were several new episodes this fall, in October and November I think. None of those have been added to the guide. If someone is interested in getting the editorship, you could start off by tracking down the recent episodes and add those to the guide. Make sure you use reliable sources. (IMDb should only be used if there are no other sources available.) Since we know there really were new episodes this fall (I saw some of them myself), we could use that to help guide us in filling in information gaps. The new episodes aired on Wednesday nights. You can check the Sci Fi Schedulebot for each week and day, but be sure not to add repeat airings as new episodes to the guide.

    Anyone game for this? It's not a "glamorous" show or guide but I think "Scare Tactics" deserves to have a more complete guide than what we currently have. I added some of the early episodes of this new season but I haven't added any of the fall episodes. There has to be at least one interested and competent individual out there.
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    Screw the editor's job but I'd be glad to take over for that pathetic excuse of a host on Scare Tatics.
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