Scare Tactics

Friday 10:00 PM on GSN - Game Show Network Premiered Apr 04, 2003 In Season





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  • You guys man

    Wow, I'd love to work for u guys as part of the crew
  • PLease get my sone and husband!!!

    My husband is a tough ass!!! al he do all day long is walk around as though nothing scares him and he is the man. Now our 13yr old son is the same way. I fall for a lot of there schemes and pranks but I can never get over on them. I would love to see them wet there pants and scream like crazy.. I want them to get so scared that they shit on would be so amazing!!!
  • please help me

    does anyone know the name of the episode where aguy tackles the long haired guy? he thinks he is on a cheaters style show.
  • Its Her Birthday

    My friend is always so nice and perky and she loves everyone and its her birthday and i wanted to give her something that she will never ever forget. Scare Tactics is monday night show i watch it all the time when i can so please do it!!!!!!!
  • get er done!!!

    it would be the totallly funnest thing to see what would scare my boyfriend and sister. they are the most hardcore people out there and would love to see them be scared. this show is the bomb!! i watch it all the time....
  • frightening brother

    my brother thinks he's a tough guy and that cant nobody scare him he think he's a tough guy i watch this show at times when i can but i want to get him on the show him that hes not so tough after all
  • Let's Do It!!

    My husband thinks he's such a tough guy who can't be scared! We watch the show all the time and all I can think about is getting the crap scared out of him, he's desperate to get me on the show so I want to beat him to the punch!!
  • ZOZO!!!!!<3 88

    I would love to have my older brother be on this show , he is always scaring me and he says he isnt scared of anything which is a lie! I love the show and i always will continue watching it. But yeah i would really laugh as loud as i can if he gets to be chosen on this show and gets scared!!!<3
  • Copy Store

    Love this show. I have a colleague who has a horrific aversion to feet. She has the most memorable, delightful scream. She is a social worker with a terrific exaggerated startle response and minimizes that she is so affected by this issue. Would be a superb candidate for your show.
  • My husband

    My husband states he's not scared of anything!!!!

    But i believe that your cast can mange scaring the crap out of him!

    We watch the show all the time and he LAUGHS his head off saying how can they know that they are not o9n TV.

    Well lets do this lets scare him so he can see with his own eyes!!!!
  • Scare My Sister

    Hi My Name Is Hayley And I Want To Scare My Sister Monique Me And Her Always Watch Scare Tactics And I Was Thinking To Put My Sister On It Because She Scares Me Lots And I Want To Scare Her More So Yeah
  • mom and dad

    Hi, my name is Courtney, and I and my younger siblings want to finally get our parents back. I am the oldest of 5 and we love trying to get our parents, but it always seems to fail when we try. I love scare tactics and we all thought it would be a great anniversary gift for our parents to finally succeed in pranking them hard and getting equal after all these years, we mainly are targeting out mom who is easily scare of movies, yet we can never get her in real life, but it wouldn't be fair unless our dad got it too. Thanks for your time and I hope you consider helping us get our parents.

    Ps: their anniversary is August 1st

  • TO ; scared tastic <33

    Hi My Name Is symonee , i wanna scare my dad :)) he thinks he not scared of anything -.- so i came to this website and i watch your show almost every day so funny <3 but can you scare him ...? :P i need help !

    P.S. - he dont think aliens , ufos , and he scared of hairy things ;P i found that out of hes thoughts
  • scare my mom

    my mom says she isnt scared of anything but my family and i want to see her get scared please pick my mom..............................please im begging you.

    p.s: my mom hates bugs

  • samantha(:

    i just wanna scare my sister's only 14 but she wgets scared easily and shes a good one to scare her(:

    someone help me cause i wanna scare her so bad(:

    please and thankyou!(:
  • scare my dad

    i would like to scare my dad for always scaring me and my is so if u can help me that would be great
  • South Africa


    When will you come to south Africa to prank some of my friends here, i work with a bunch of "big boys" (they think they are the funniest, strongest fearless people in the world) and i would love to prank them! please let me know if that is something you do, or are going to do!

    Please come here pleeeease.
  • Help scare my brother

    Hey Tracy, I'm writing to ask you to help me with one thing and that is to scare my close friend, which he is like a brother to me, his name is Devaughn. I am trying to scare him because we were talking one day and I was telling him what scared me and he told me that he wasn't scared of anything. Now you and me both now that everyone is scared of something. This is where I ask for your help to help me scare him. I want to prove him wrong. This would be another great show for you so pleaseeee. If you can contact me at Thank you and pleaseeee!!!!!!!! :)
  • I Need To Scare My Close Friends

    I need to scare a close friend of mine and he is like a brother to me . I want to scare him because he always saying something mean to me and plays around a lot . So i want to scare him to very bad. Also he hasn't always been there for me and i to teach him a lesson. Reach Me At Please Help Me
  • Getting revenge on a friend

    Hi I wanna get revenge on my friend who did the meanest prank on me ever! She put a cat on the sofa where I was going to sit, I didn;t aee it, I sat on it, and screamed my head of. Of course she thought it was funny, but now I wanna pull a prank on her that she will never forget. Do you think you could help me? Email me at THANK YOU :)
  • helllo i need help scaring my husband

    ive know my husband way before we got married and even then as he does now he scares me all the time and for once i would like to see him scared he tells me all the time that nothing scares him ever well i for one would like to see if the famous scare tactics can scare him goodness knows i cabt scare him at all and belive me i have tried if you can help me please do my email is

    I would like to see the primary cast of the Ghost Hunters show get punked in an all too real Haunted House!
  • I would love to put my bff on the show

    she's very gullible and scare of everything and anything
  • Can i get a friend on Scare Tactics?

    I have a friend that is into the paranormal, but is scare of butterflies, im not kidding, butterflies! She is scared of more, but I would love to see her on this awesome hidden camera show. Please contact me somehow, anyhow.
  • FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Want to have my son on this show.

    I have an amazing 23 year old son who is scared of nothing.......EXCEPT SPIDERS. No one he knows could ever imagine this 6"2 man who jumps up and down, running and screaming and skipping. He is a very good looking man who is humble and quiet until he cleaned the garage with us one day and I had never seen anything so funny in my life. He is a joker but boy would we love to have him on this show. Please contact me if at all possible. Im sure everyone would enjoy!
  • I LOVE THIS SHOW! But now I want to put a friend on it!

    How would I go about doing that? Please contact me! <3
  • No way is this show worth anything except to make people mad.

    I have watched this show 3 times and made me upset every time. I would think what would I do in a situation like this. I would immediately try to protect my self if startled. I would also go into kill mode. I duck at loud noises and hit the deck with real loud noises. I spent two tours in Viet Nam and I won't be getting over it any time soon, probably never. I have had people scare me just to see me react. I really don't think this is very funny and if the person is close enough when I'm startled, they will be laying on the floor. There are a lot of people who react like this because of one reason or another. I hope you run into a person like this. That way someone will get hurt and you'll take this worthless show off the air
  • I love this show

    I love this show. I wannt to find out how to sign up for it. I know several people I would love to pull a prank like the ones on this show on. One of them has a fear of sharks and would be perfect for this show! Please let me know. I also know someone who is afraid of spiders that would be perfect. Not to mention bats snakes and other creepy crawlie things that go bump in the night. I loved the spa for the vampire women episode. please oh please let me know how to apply so I can get them to play pranks on these people.hahahahahaha
  • Tracy my name is nick and my brother always hurts me and i want to get him back so please please contact my at my email- or my regular email or my cell 602 622 4763 thanks

    I give this show 5 stars because i like 2 see people get scared like crazy and this is funny. ***** stars for this show. This show is my top 5 in my head. this is better then punk'd way better i would consider this show if you like 2 see people get scared and you just cant wait to see what happens next. this review is hopefully getting 2 u if u would like to agree or disagree tell me at my myspace email at i hope u agree with me because this show is great i would love 2 be on this show.
  • i love this show, but my husband acts like he is not scared of anything, so i would really love u guys to use a scare tactic on him. you can reach me at

    i love this show, but my husband acts like he is not scared of anything, so i would really love u guys to use a scare tactic on him. you can reach me at , if u guys would please do this i would really apprciate it. or at least give me the information on how to reach you to try to get this done. we live in the seattle area, i dont know if this show would be willing to work in that area, well im just rambling now so i can have a hundred word count so this is posted, please get back to me
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