Scare Tactics - Season 2

Friday 10:00 PM on GSN - Game Show Network Premiered Apr 04, 2003 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Episode 222
    Episode 222
    Episode 22

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  • Episode 221
    Episode 221
    Episode 21

    The Blob
    Panic occurs as toxic chemicals overwhelm a science lab.
    Road Rage
    A homicidal carjacker targets a group of friends.
    Strip Club
    A stripper's boyfriend disrupts one of her performances.
    Man Of The Haunted House
    A killer lurks inside a haunted house at the theme park.

  • Episode 220
    Episode 220
    Episode 20

    A student is deceived into helping a safe-cracker carry out a heist.
    Eye of the Beholder
    A peeping tom sees horrific scenes.
    Tastes Like Chicken
    A chef's assistant witnesses a murder.
    Meet My Psycho Girlfriend
    A man's parents meet his girlfriend who is carrying an alien baby.

  • Episode 219
    Episode 219
    Episode 19

    Alien House Call
    A mysterious visitors crash a house-party.
    Hackman Attacks
    A crime-scene technician is unexpectedly assaulted.
    Final Entry
    A killer discovers a woman with an audio tape of his committed murder.
    Hannah's Abduction
    A tutor becomes involved in a incident involving kidnapping mixed with insanity.

  • Episode 218
    Episode 218
    Episode 18

    Pond Creature
    A construction crew is stalked by a legendary lake monster.
    A mechanic attempts to run off with stolen Mafia loot.
    Moonshine Mountain
    A couple of city slickers are trapped far from urban civilisation.
    Rubbed the Wrong Way
    A man finds himself as a new cult member.

  • Episode 217
    Episode 217
    Episode 17

    Pond Creature
    A construction crew is stalked by a legendary lake monster.
    A mechanic attempts to run off with stolen Mafia loot.
    Moonshine Mountain
    A couple of city slickers are trapped far from urban civilization.
    Rubbed the Wrong Way
    A man finds himself as a new cult member.

  • Episode 216
    Episode 216
    Episode 16

    Backwoods Booby Trap
    A young man starts a job where he believes he is going to do one thing, but ends up being part of a plan that will get him killed.
    Demon's List
    A nighttime worker learns that his new boss is very religious and wants him to kill a "demon" that is in human form.
    Newest Mental Patient
    A woman helping out at a mental hospital becomes mistaken as one of the patients and is next for one of the hospitals continuous injection treatments.
    Mob Morgue
    While at his new job at a morgue, a man discovers a person hiding from a ruthless Italian mob boss and if either one of them gets discovered, they feel the pain of a solid wooden bat.

  • Episode 215
    Episode 215
    Episode 15

    Car Wash
    At his new part time job, a young man experiences a customer's rage when it comes to the value of his car.
    Fear Antics: Running Man
    When a wannabe actor plays a prank, he soon realizes that his joke may cost him the rest of his life.
    Gimme a Hand
    A part time receptionist learns that her new employer is building an obsession of his and needs a body part of hers to complete his work.
    Spa of Death
    A new attendant discovers that a porn star's dead body could be his ticket to the jail house.

  • Episode 214
    Episode 214
    Episode 14

    Drone Helicopter
    While helping out on a military experiment, a man believes he is the cause of a helicopter killing everything in site.
    A man meets a neighbor who is not on the normal side, especially when he learns that the neighbor collects body parts.
    Girl in a Blood-Soaked Dress
    A woman realizes that she is in the presence of a horrific ghost.
    Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
    While working at a genetics lab, a young man learns that a science experiment has decided to rear its ugly head and is set to kill anything…including people.

  • Episode 213
    Episode 213
    Episode 13

    For Whom the Bridge Trolls
    While working in a park, a man has an encounter with a demonic troll that has a taste for flesh.
    Party Forever (Parts 1 & 2)
    A waitress learns that the host of the party prefers the mannequin type of company and is looking for a different kind of breed to keep him company...the human breed.
    Burned Alive
    While working at a Crematorium, a young man learns that he burned a man alive.

  • Episode 212
    Episode 212
    Episode 12

    Power Outrage
    An electrician accidentally unleashes a serial killer while working at a mental hospital.
    License to Drive
    A mother sets up her daughter to be carjacked by a crazed inventor.
    Wolfman Tells Campfire Stories
    A murderous, hairy beast disrupts a camping trip.
    The Bagman
    A courier gets wrapped up in a mob kidnapping.

  • Episode 211
    Episode 211
    Episode 11

    If I Only Had Your Brains
    A mass-murderer disguises himself in order to prey on a couple of carpenters.

    Open the Pod Bay Door
    An experiment turns bloody when a mad scientist begins melting his human subjects.

     The FBI watches as a kid helps a mobster clean up after a murder.

    Fear Antics: Room With a View
    An aspiring actor plays a prank that goes horribly wrong.

  • Episode 210
    Episode 210
    Episode 10

    Piranhas in the Pond
    Victim: Greg
    Accomplice: Jenna

    Clark Residence
    Tolofa, MS

    A young man starts his new job cleaning out a person's pond. However, he does not realize the pond is filled with flesh-eating sea creatures.

    Chambermaid of Horror
    Victim: Qjara
    Accomplice: Chris

    Hotel Contessa
    Las Vegas, NV

    A young new maid learns that the first room she is assigned to has a dead man and the killer in it.

    Shotgun Wedding
    Victim: Matt
    Accomplice: Courtney

    Sutcliffe Farm
    Warson, TN

    When a young ladies man gets caught with a topless woman, he learns that he will feel the wrath of "daddy" and his shot gun.

    Victim: Brandy
    Accomplice: Mike

    Hanson, LA

    An exterminator's assistant finds herself at battle with demon trolls.

  • Episode 209
    Episode 209
    Episode 9

    Motor Psychos
    Victim: Karrina
    Accomplice: Ashley

    Route 37
    Cooke, UT

    On her way to a party, a group of people become surrounded by vampires on motorcycles on a deserted route.

    Attack of the Rat Monster
     Victim: Bryant
    Accomplice: Eric

    Biological Research Facility
    Chatsworth, NH

    On his first day of work, an activist has an encounter with an animal that has been genetically altered.

    I Me Minefield
    Victim: Mike
    Accomplice: Brad

    Salt Flats
    Gossett, UT

    When a young man surveys a particular area for the city, he learns he is standing right in the middle of a minefield and could blow up if takes one step.

    There Are Men Coming Here to Kill Me
    Victim: Shauna
    Accomplice: Ashley

    Nichols Residence
    West Beach, FL

    A young woman with aspirations of becoming a pediatric nurse learns that the patient she is watching over is in a heap of trouble with a sinister boos named Mr. B.

  • Episode 208
    Episode 208
    Episode 8

    Wired for Revenge
    A dissatisfied worker has malicious plans.
    Shave and a Headcut
    A barber who slashes his victims is working at his shop.
    Summon the Demon
    A couple of night watchmen find a precarious ritual.
    Fear Antics: Hotel Hell
    An actor inspects a murder which he becomes a suspect for when police arrive.

  • Episode 207
    Episode 207
    Episode 7

    Slaughterhouse of Horror
    A one-armed man seeks revenge on the people responsible for the mangling.
    Porn Dorm Massacre
    An unstable killer disrupts an Internet broadcast.
    Desert Burial
    A "connected" man needs help disposing his "trash".
    Walk-In Portal
    A portal in a house's closet opens to another universe.

  • Episode 206
    Episode 206
    Episode 6

    Toilet Full Of Scary
    A plumber finds himself in a dangerous position when a lunatic preys on him.
    Desert Cult Trailer Attack
    An unexplained cult attacks a construction crew invading their land.
    Wrath of the Mummy
    A vengeful mummy is awoken when workers touch some artifacts.
    Juvenile Justice
    A girl puts everyone in danger when she unleashes her wrath.

  • Episode 205
    Episode 205
    Episode 5

    Brother's Keeper
    Two people find a sibling rivalry turns deadly.
    Cult Compound Crackdown
    Government agents confront a deadly armed cult putting an innocent man in danger.
    Revenge of the Switchhiker
    A supernatural hitchhiker causes trouble on a road trip.
    Drug Ring Sting
    A temporary worker is interrogated in an operation on a major drug deal.

  • Episode 204
    Episode 204
    Episode 4

    What's in the Box
    Victim: Brian
    Accomplice: Ryan

    Warehouse District
    Las Vegas, NV

    A man fears for his life when the Mob catches him working on their territory.

    Victim: Matt
    Accomplice: Cameron

    Scopes, CA

    A man agrees to help investigate a scientist who is suspected of human experiments, but realizes he is going to experience the result.

    Victim: Nicole
    Accomplice: Phillip

    Edison Household
    Pinker, WV

    A baby-sitter becomes trapped in the house with the little girl and a serial killer who was convicted by the little girl's father.

    Radio Daze
    Victim: Mike
    Accomplice: Christina

    Desert Pirate Radio
    Belle, TX

    A man who starts working for a Radio Station learns that his new job is not a safe environment, especially when Federal agents come by to neutralize the situation.

  • Episode 203
    Episode 203
    Episode 3

    Gorilla with a Fist
    Victim: Sean
    Accomplice: Travis

    KSH Animal Research Laboratory
    Bloomfield, MI

    A young man fears for his life when a gorilla becomes loose around his work place.

    Regression Aggression
    Victim: Matt
    Accomplice: Mike

    Hypnotherapy Research Center
    McNaghten, GA

    A man agrees to assist a doctor with hypnotherapy but soon learns his aggressive skills are deadly…for him.

    Fear Antics: Mandroid's Revenge
    Victim: Claude
    Accomplice: Jason


    A man agrees to play a robot that goes out of control on the person who is supposedly controlling him. However, he soon realizes that he played a prank on a very aggressive person.

    Flowers for My Lady
    Victim: Danielle
    Accomplice: Brandon

    Scorn Quarterly
    Rose City, OR

    A woman, who starts working at a magazine, gets in a dangerous position when a psychotic ex-client returns for revenge.

  • Episode 202
    Episode 202
    Episode 2

    Street Justice
    The Victim: Chris
    The Accomplice: Thomas

    Old Sandaas Road
    Jensen, UT

    After a group of friends get pulled over by the police, one of them gets shot and the rest learn that they might be next.

    That's Not Santa
    The Victim: Bennet
    The Accomplice: Clayton

    Sutherland Residence
    Boyd, OR

    While working on a chimney, a young man discovers a corpse and fears for his life when he learns he may be joining the corpse.

    Freaks Come Out at Night
    The Victim: Rudy
    The Accomplice: Priya

    Medical Facility
    Hammargren, PA

    On his first night as a security guard, a man has to decide what to do when he learns the company is using humans for experiments.

    Possessed Office
    The Victim: Ambaar
    The Accomplice: Aaron

    Investment Brokerage
    Saturn, FL

    A secretary receives a message from the beyond warning her that she is in the presence of a killer.

  • Episode 201
    Episode 201
    Episode 1

    Rage from the Cage
    Victim: Larry
    Accomplice: Chris

    Lake Mead Road
    Henderson, NV

    A group of friends driving along a deserted road get into a hairy situation when a beast becomes loose in the road.

    Killer Bees
    Victim: Troy
    Accomplice: Rudy

    Military Subcontractor
    Caine, ND

    A man takes on a job to assist in a lab full of bees, but soon learns his life is in danger when the bees decide to come out of their hive.

    Bring Out the Gimp
    Victim: Katherine
    Accomplice: Mike

    York Residence
    Marcellus, IA

    A woman agrees to take on a job as a baby-sitter, little does she knows that the baby is a freak chained to a chest and wears an oxygen mask.

    Grave Robbers
    Victim: Louie
    Accomplice: Martha

    James Property
    Spectre, NV

    A man agrees to help a construction crew dig up ancient graves, but when they find money instead, some of the workers become a little greedy.