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Scarecrow and Mrs. King

CBS (ended 1987)



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Scarecrow and Mrs. King
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A housewife, Mrs. King, is handed a package by a secret agent, Lee Stetson, who is being pursued by bad guys. Mrs. King gets a job working for Mr. Stetson's agency, doing secretarial work, as needed, but ends up working with him on his cases. She is not really accepted by agent Francine Desmond,because she has no training and has a self-deprecating, ditsy style,which adds to the humor in the show. She is accepted by the other agents.
American Society of Cinematographers, USA - 1988 - Nominated Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Regular Series' -- Richard L. Rawlings
Emmy - 1986-- Won - Outstanding Achievement in Music Composition for a Series (Dramatic Underscore) -- Arthur B. Rubinstein (composer) [For episode "We're Off to See the Wizard"]
Emmy - 1986 - Nominated - Outstanding Achievement in Costuming for a Series -- Molly Harris Campbell (women's costumer) & James Lapidus (men's costumer) [For episode "Welcome to America, Mr. Brand"]
1985 - Nominated - Outstanding Achievement in Costuming - Andrea E. Weaver (women's costumer) & James Lapidus (men's costumer) [For episode "Ship of Spies"]
Emmy - 1985 - Nominated-- Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-Series Drama - Kate Jackson
Golden Globe - 1985 - Nominated - Outstanding Cinematography for a Series - Edward R. Brown [For episode "D.O.A.: Delirious On Arrival"]
Young Artist - 1988 - Nominated - Best Young Actor Starring in a Television Drama Series - Paul Stout
Young Artist - 1985 - Nominated - Best Young Supporting Actor in a Daytime or Nighttime Drama - Paul Stout
Release dates: USA -- 3 October 1983
France -- 15 October 1985
West Germany -- 23 June 1986
Note: The series was referenced in the movie TRUE LIES.
Filming Locations: London, England, UK (episode "Affair at Bromfield Hall")
Munich, Bavaria, Germany (episode "The Times They Are A Changin'")
North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
Rome and Lazio, Italy (episode "A Lovely Little Affair")
Salzburg, Austria (episode "The Legend of Das Geisterschloss")
Tegernsee, Bavaria, Germany (episode "Our Man In Tegernsee")
Washington, District of Columbia, USA



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Bruce Boxleitner

Bruce Boxleitner

Lee 'Scarecrow' Stetson

Greg Morton

Greg Morton

Jamie King

Paul Stout

Paul Stout

Phillip King

Kate Jackson

Kate Jackson

Mrs. Amanda King

Beverly Garland

Beverly Garland

Dorothy 'Dotty' West

Mel Stewart

Mel Stewart

William 'Billy' Melrose

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  • Cold War Castle and Beckett, and for the time Cooler!!

    Castle and Beckett, without, without the cold war clock and dagger. I wish the re-runs would come back either on TV Land or O2.
  • this is my fave show ever!

    I used to remember watching Scarecrow and Mrs King on CBS Monday nights. It's always nice to see Kate and Bruce together and their tandem is really popular during those times. When I found that I could get all the seasons of Scarecrow and Mrs King from http://www.fxgqt.com/Action/SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_DVD_COLLECTION/ at a fairly amount, I placed my order at once. The DVDs were shipped promptly and the quality is absolutely great. I've always wanted to own a set for so many years and I am really happy I found it at fxgqt.com being sold for a very practical amount. It surely brings back the memories and the pleasure while watching this classic TV seriesmoreless
  • moodybj

    This was one of the best shows of the 80's-it rates right up there with Dallas. SMK was much more simple than Dallas. I watch everything that Boxleitner appears in. He is on the cat food commercial as father of the bride! I am trying to find season 4 on DVD. SMK was fun to watch. Not like what is on TV today!
  • Scarecrow and Mrs. King...enough said.

    Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983-1987) is a wonderfully cheerful, exciting and entertaining TV show of the 1980s. What can I say about this show? For the most part, I love this show. Bruce Boxleitner as Scarecrow and Kate Jackson as Mrs. King are simply wonderful together. This show primarily focuses on espionage and the secret service based in Washington DC. I love the picturesque home of Mrs. King which is located in Arlington VA. I am glad to own this on DVD, well at least Season One. Thank you very much Warner Bros. You have done a fantastic job on restoring a classic 80s TV program. I hope you can release the rest of the season soon.moreless
  • It's funny, dramatic, well written, and the chemistry between these two is amazing.

    It's funny, dramatic, well written, and the chemistry between these two is amazing.

    This is my all time favorite show! I was watching it between the age of ten and fifteen. I think it shaped my personality somewhat. I relate to Amanda being kind of a klutzy house wife. Not incredibly beautiful, but attractive enough. She is honest and sincere. Lee is brave, smart, and totally hot.

    It's a scenario that anyone could imagine them selves in. The episodes seem realistic and very well written. Not like today were everyone is incredibly gorgeous and the plots are way too ridiculous. I appreciated the realistic violence in the show, but also the lack of gore. No shock value here, just pure entertainment. Something the whole family could enjoy. My kids and I watch the old tapes. Some times I'll be watching some other show and recognize part of a plot from S&Mrs.K. I'll say to myself "they stole that from S&Mrs. K" They probably did, it was really great spy writing for it's time.

    I wish the series hadn't ended the way it did. They just should of ended with Lee and Amanda's wedding. It's too bad that Kate Jackson got cancer. I'm glad she is better now, but what horrible timing. I also wish they would bring it back using her sons as the main character, or maybe Lee and Amanda's child if they had had one. Kate and Bruce could still be in it, higher ups in the agency, but focus on the younger characters mostly. I think a show like that would be very successful.

    I had a pretty rough childhood and this show helped me make it through, with imagination, laughter, and romance. I'm glad I had the opportunity to see every episode.moreless

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