Scarecrow and Mrs. King

Season 4 Episode 15

Bad Timing

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 06, 1987 on CBS



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    • Amanda: Haven't we played this scene before?
      Lee: Yeah and then the doorbell rang, remember?
      Amanda: No I tend to block out bad timing.
      Lee: We'll see if this helps. (Lee kisses her.) How was that?
      Amanda: It helps.
      Lee: Oh, one more. (Lee kisses her again until they are interrupted by the arrival of Dotty and the boys. Again.)

    • Lee: Billy I have less time to live than most people have for a good night sleep.

    • Lee: I'm an omega class prisoner. Any escape attempt from this place requires a shoot to kill response. A D-1 Manhunt goes into effect if I do get out.
      Amanda: How do we get through these bars?

    • Smyth: Relax Billy. It's still your garden party.

    • Smyth: Well put Melrose. Dash of vitriol, pitch, and venom can make a mighty effective physic when used judiciously. I hear the sun has gone behind the clouds for Scarecrow.

    • Billy: Amanda was in my office at 7:00 this morning.
      Lee: Oh Billy you know the way she is.
      Billy: She was worried about you. Yeah, I'm beginning to get the drift.

    • Lee: Well, are you happy now?
      Amanda: I'm happy as long as you're well.
      Lee: Um-hmm. Well, you don't know Doc Kelford. I'm gonna be in here for hours while he rediscovers the human body and meanwhile I have a roomful of agents sitting on their thumbs.
      Amanda: When is your meeting over?
      Lee (grumpily): Depends on when I get it started, why?
      Amanda: I thought maybe I would fix you a little dinner to reward you for your heroics down here, huh?
      Lee (perking up): Really?
      Amanda: What do you say? It's kinda practice for the real thing.
      Lee (in a more pleasant tone): Well, I'm a firm believer in practice making perfect.
      Amanda (smiling): Me too. (They kiss)

    • Amanda: I need you. Business. Now.
      Lee: You need me, huh? My place or yours?
      Amanda: Neither.
      Lee: Well, wait a minute, I've got a very important meeting in an hour.
      Amanda: What happened to my place or yours?

    • Lee: What do you say we go back to my place and have some dessert?
      Amanda: It's awful late and we have to be at work early.
      Lee: I know, I know.
      Amanda: What are we going to do?
      Lee: Same thing we always do. Go home alone again, but only for one more week.

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