Scarecrow and Mrs. King

Season 4 Episode 6

Night Crawler

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 1986 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: You can see the shadow of the microphone on the wall in the last scene when Amanda walks into the Q bureau.

    • Goof: Two of the three images that Lee remembers when he is at her house, he was not present to remember. The first image was from The First Time and occurred before they met. The other two were from There Goes the Neighborhood, one of which did not occur at her house and the other occurred when Lee was not around.

  • Quotes

    • Lee: Amanda?
      Amanda: I don't feel so good.
      Lee: Don't worry. It's zap gas and right now you wont be able to move. Let's just get comfortable it only lasts a few minutes.
      Amanda: It better last longer than that.

    • Amanda: Oh, hi.
      Lee: Amanda.
      Amanda: Oh, this is getting pretty good now.
      Lee: Are you all right?
      Amanda: Yeah, I can actually feel you. I think this is the best hallucination I've had yet. (kiss) Mmmm. Oh wow!
      Lee: Amanda.
      Amanda: Yeah.
      Lee: It is me. It's really me.
      Amanda: It's not...
      Lee: Yeah, come on feel it see it's me.
      Amanda: It is you. It's you. You're here? Hello!

    • Dotty: Why is it you said you came by?
      Lee: Oh, I'm sorry I was just thinking.
      Dotty: I was just staring. You have no idea how many times I've wondered about you.
      Lee: Well it's mutual. Listen Amanda will be at least another day. She didn't... she didn't call or anything like that did she?
      Dotty: Well that might be her. She usually calls when she goes out of town. Fact is she's usually with you. (Dotty answers the phone.) Hello? Oh. Mr. Stetson it's for you.
      Lee: Oh?
      Dotty: I wonder why that doesn't surprise me.

    • Dotty: Wait, if you're the termite man we can't possibly afford what you must charge.
      Lee: No, I'm Lee Stetson. Mrs. West. I work with Amanda.
      Dotty: Oh. Yes.
      Lee: We've talked on the phone.
      Dotty: Oh, I'm sorry. Hello, how are you? You look vaguely familiar. Well, I was just picking up the den. Well, I wasn't picking up the den. I was picking things up from the den.
      Lee: Yes, I understand.
      Dotty: Well, won't you come in?

    • Lee: Amanda King you are the best, the bravest, the smartest, the most beautiful woman I have ever known.
      Amanda: I love you.
      Lee: Then will you marry me?
      Amanda: Will I marry you? Oh yeah I'll marry you. We're the luckiest two people on the face of the earth.

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