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  • Scarecrow and Mrs. King...enough said.

    Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983-1987) is a wonderfully cheerful, exciting and entertaining TV show of the 1980s. What can I say about this show? For the most part, I love this show. Bruce Boxleitner as Scarecrow and Kate Jackson as Mrs. King are simply wonderful together. This show primarily focuses on espionage and the secret service based in Washington DC. I love the picturesque home of Mrs. King which is located in Arlington VA. I am glad to own this on DVD, well at least Season One. Thank you very much Warner Bros. You have done a fantastic job on restoring a classic 80s TV program. I hope you can release the rest of the season soon.
  • It's funny, dramatic, well written, and the chemistry between these two is amazing.

    It's funny, dramatic, well written, and the chemistry between these two is amazing.

    This is my all time favorite show! I was watching it between the age of ten and fifteen. I think it shaped my personality somewhat. I relate to Amanda being kind of a klutzy house wife. Not incredibly beautiful, but attractive enough. She is honest and sincere. Lee is brave, smart, and totally hot.
    It's a scenario that anyone could imagine them selves in. The episodes seem realistic and very well written. Not like today were everyone is incredibly gorgeous and the plots are way too ridiculous. I appreciated the realistic violence in the show, but also the lack of gore. No shock value here, just pure entertainment. Something the whole family could enjoy. My kids and I watch the old tapes. Some times I'll be watching some other show and recognize part of a plot from S&Mrs.K. I'll say to myself "they stole that from S&Mrs. K" They probably did, it was really great spy writing for it's time.
    I wish the series hadn't ended the way it did. They just should of ended with Lee and Amanda's wedding. It's too bad that Kate Jackson got cancer. I'm glad she is better now, but what horrible timing. I also wish they would bring it back using her sons as the main character, or maybe Lee and Amanda's child if they had had one. Kate and Bruce could still be in it, higher ups in the agency, but focus on the younger characters mostly. I think a show like that would be very successful.
    I had a pretty rough childhood and this show helped me make it through, with imagination, laughter, and romance. I'm glad I had the opportunity to see every episode.
  • Great show and chemistry

    Have been a Kate Jackson Fan since Charlie's Angels and love her in this show
    She is Amanda King, a divorced mother of two young sons trying to make ends meet and find a job and in a new relationship
    When a secret agent hands her a box and he tracks her down in a fast-food restaurant
    That begins the new show and both she and Bruce Boxleitner have great chemistry
    As well as great acting and writing
    Please bring it back as I miss it!
  • Great spy drama

    This show was one of my favorites when I was little. I couldn't get enough of Amanda King, homemaker and single mom helping out Lee Stetson the spy. Each week was a new adventure and I loved how Amanda just got thrown into it from the get-go. Lee needed her to hand something to someone on a train which didn't happen and the show was off to a great start. The fact that Lee and Amanda became close was no big surprise and this was one of the few shows which I liked the fact the two main characters got together. SPOILER ALERT: The best part was that no one could know they were married. I wish this would either come on TV each day or on DVD soon.
  • Lee Stetson is a handsome, independent bachelor, and secret agent, AKA "Scarecrow". Amanda King is a single mother of two, cub-scout leader, pretty all-American girl next door. One chance meeting at a train station changed their lives forever.

    "Scarecrow and Mrs King" has the perfect ingredients for a romantic comedy. You combine an inquisitive, innocent housewife with a ladies man who wants anything but a new partner and you can't end up with anything less than a few good laughs and some flowers. Bruce Boxleitner and Kate Jackson have a great chemistry on screen and are a thrill to watch. With Amanda's well meaning attempts to help only adding to Lee's frustration with having a partner, his co-workier, Francine, is anything but helpful. Her smart comebacks and sly remarks are greeted with Lee's "Can it Francine" or "Button it, Loose Lips" and are great laughs. Unlike some of the other shows at this time, Lee and Amanda's relationship was pretty steady, none of that on-again, off-again romance that really aggrivates the watcher. I understand why writers do that, but it's a nice change to have a couple that, even though it takes them a while to admit their feelings, you know once they do, you aren't going to be on a rollercoaster.
  • Amanda King, a housewife from non-exciting Arlington, Va meets a mysterious man at the train station who changes her life.

    This is every woman's fantasy! Amanda King was newly divorced, looking for work and trying to talk herself in believing that the man she's dating is the one for her.

    While taking the weatherman boyfriend to the train station one rainy day, she is swept up litteraly buy a man in a waiter's suit who shoves a package in her hand and tells her to please help him, that it's a matter of life and death. Something in his face makes her say yes and when she sees him attacked just seconds after she takes his package she knows this is more than just a pick up line!

    The man turns out to be Scarecrow, an intelligence operative for the Agency, a secret government organization that is responsible for saving the world from the forces of evil, (which in their day were the Russians, East Germans, and other communist countries)

    Amanda falls in love with the danger and excitement of the job as well as the dashing Scarecrow, who tries to resist the housewife with a station wagon and a mortage, but just can't seem to get her out of his system.

    Through four years they have a lot of adventures, some of them so funny you still remember them even 20 years later. And who can go to Washington DC without visiting the SMK spots?

    It was fun watching them fall in love but as is the case once the actual marriage took place, lots of the magic went out of the relationship. The device of keeping the marriage secret was illogical for two sane people and the show fell apart.
  • Sweet, funny, romantic, and dramatic. Scarecrow and Mrs. King was good entertainment.

    I remember really enjoying this show when it aired originally, and I caught it in reruns a couple years ago and, although it seems a little dated now, it still works. The chemistry between the two stars was great. They kept you wondering when they would get together, but it was done in such a fun way that you didn't mind. The show followed a formula and you usually knew what to expect from each episode, but they surprised you every now and then. Most of the episodes were pretty light, but things turned serious every now and then. Scarecrow and Mrs. King wasn't great drama, but it was romantic and entertaining, and always fun to watch.
  • A true love story

    They say that love that comes together usually kills a show. They are probably right. But this was a tender love story over 3 years that left you breathless and wanting more. Unlike Moonlight which pulls your heart out of you, this was gentle, slow and loving. I looked forward to this show every week. I loved Kate Jackson. I adored Bruce Boxlietner. Of course, when their love came to the surface the show was unable to survive. I don't know why that is but I was cheering them on from the first ep until the last. That was when TV was TV.
  • Most definitely one of my favorites... Good blend of dram, mystery, humor, and adventure.

    I love "Scarecrow", the show was very unique for it's time, and is something I can watch over and over and never get tired of it. Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner had the best chemistry of any two people I've ever seen on TV, to this date. They made Lee and Amanda more then believeable, they made the Loveable. And they also made them real, well as real as TV characters can be.

    It was sad that it had to come to ab abrupt ending 4th season, and I know I would be more then excited to see it come back. Even if it was a Reunion... And it must be the Original cast...
  • I feel what makes this show is a combination of the premise that is wonderfully combined with a plot and excellent acting.

    This is one of my favorite shows. The premise of the series was that a secret agent called "Scarecrow" (played by Bruce Boxleitner) becomes involved in his missions with a divorced housewife Amanda King (played by Kate Jackson) in his mission. Amanda just can not stop asking questions or exploring what "Scarecrow" is doing. In each episode she becomes more and more involved with "Scarecrow's missions by just "helping". By the end of the series she is a full secret agent. I just love the fantasy of a housewife or common appearing person, who has the double life of a secret agent.

    Though the premise is good, the execution is even better. The on screen chemistry between Bruce and Kate is romantic but clandestine. There is an innocent and freshness with the character of Amanda. I feel what makes this show is a combination of the premise that is wonderfully combined with a plot and excellent acting.

  • Who has never fantacized about being a spy??

    I loved the first 2 seasons. What homemaker wouldn't love to be a secret agent for the government and work with a hot guy?? I loved the way Amanda was competent in an incompetent way. I wish someone would come up with similar show for today with the same charm and humor that this show started out with.

    I did not like it after they fell in love and when she lost her innocent incompetence.

    I wish it would come out on dvd. I would be the first to buy the first 2 seasons.
  • The best thing about this show was that you could just imagine that it could happen to you!

    Who watched this show and didn't dream of getting mixed up with a Special Agent like Scarecrow? No matter how dull your job or your housework you could just imagine that this could really happen.... to you! You could have amazing adventures with this hunky guy, you could be a little smarter than the other Federal Agents, and if that wasn't enough you could find out that you were braver than you ever thought you could be. I loved this show until Scarecrow and Mrs. King got together. I wondered if I missed the transition from co-worker to romantic interest? Everyone wanted it to happen but, I never saw it happen, and I couldn't believe it. Once the believability left so did the magic. I will never forget this show.
  • Brain surgery it wasn't, but...

    ...when was the last time brain surgery was this much fun?
    This show was a delightfully fluffy romp through a completely implausible life, and it totally worked! I think that was in large part due to the chemistry between Bruce Boxleitner and Kate Jackson, as well as between the created chemistry of "Lee Stetson" and "Amanda King". It wouldn't work in today's steady diet of gruesome true life or the alternative low-brow comedy. But in its time this little ditty combined life, love and laughter as well as, if not better than most. Its funny how both "Lee Stetson" AND "Jethro Gibbs" work for me, and there is a lot to be said for diversity... ;o}
  • this is my fave show ever!

    I used to remember watching Scarecrow and Mrs King on CBS Monday nights. It's always nice to see Kate and Bruce together and their tandem is really popular during those times. When I found that I could get all the seasons of Scarecrow and Mrs King from at a fairly amount, I placed my order at once. The DVDs were shipped promptly and the quality is absolutely great. I've always wanted to own a set for so many years and I am really happy I found it at being sold for a very practical amount. It surely brings back the memories and the pleasure while watching this classic TV series
  • check out: It is a great forum where scarecrow and mrs king fans from around the world meet and discuss this fabulous show.

    Hello, this show was all about the relationship between Lee and Amanda for me. They had such fantastic chemistry.. and I just love the evolution of their character's relationship- it is so well thought out and doesn't cheat the audience at all.. not only sexual tension, but lots of humour too! Thanks to Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner's great acting..what a team!! (not to mention extremely attractive!!) How it could be that this show hasn't been released on dvd yet is beyond me!!! but.. at this forum a few of us have the old tv tapes and can fill in the blanks for you if your interested!! Long Live SMK!!
  • Cold War Castle and Beckett, and for the time Cooler!!

    Castle and Beckett, without, without the cold war clock and dagger. I wish the re-runs would come back either on TV Land or O2.
  • moodybj

    This was one of the best shows of the 80's-it rates right up there with Dallas. SMK was much more simple than Dallas. I watch everything that Boxleitner appears in. He is on the cat food commercial as father of the bride! I am trying to find season 4 on DVD. SMK was fun to watch. Not like what is on TV today!
  • A housewife, a spy and a secret government instulation make a great combination find out why in this show.

    This show is about a housewife named Amanda King , her sons, mother, spy named Scarecrow, and all the people they come into connect with. The housewife was a domestic who met a spy while at a train station. She is asked to deliver a package for this spy. The housewife was played briliantly by a Kate Jackson (Charlie's Angel Sabrina). Amanda King became a spy and partnered with another spy named Scarcrow. The spy was played by Bruce Boxleitner (voice of Babe). They are joined in the cast by Beverly Garland who plays Amanda mother. They also have many other people who cross their paths. Over the years Amanda and Lee become in love. In the last episodes they end up getting married she is shot and he helps her. It was a great show full of action and supsense.
  • Not bad, but not cool also.

    A lot of us depending on our placement in life always have a fantasy that we could somehow be involved in some sort of important dangerous work like espionage in order to make everyday life seem like another day. Bascally the story is simple, Amanda King (Charlie's Angels, Kate Jackson) is your typical everyday woman, she's a housewife recently divorced and is taking care of her kid own her own; she doesn't really mind living her everyday existence (but on the inside you can tell she's bored and a bit lonely) and wasn't looking for trouble. But fate steps in when a super spy during a situation he is escaping from in a hurry he bumps into Amanda and gives her a package to protect. She for some reason believes him and complies. And of course the super spy is Lee Stetson Alias Scarecrow (Tron/Babylon 5, Bruce Boxlightner) he works for "The Agency" a branch in government intelligence and defense. Due to Amanda's involvement with Lee's assignment both of them are partnered up and have to work together (whether they like it or not) defending America from evil.

    That's all there is to it, story's format is slightly similar to Hichcock's "North by Northwest" or "True Lies" both which take normal people into rather unbelievable and dangerous circumstances. Never mind most of the plot lines in the show which were a little ridiculous or by todays standards rather dated. As the Hichcock films put it, the plots were really just a Maguffin device. Or even a few inconsistencies, one big inconsistency is Mrs. King who despite working for The Agency gets no special training of any kind (wouldn't a government agency be concerned about giving her the essentials to go on dangerous missions?). What really counted and made the show good was the chemistry between the two characters which was funny and romantic.

    The duo is like a lot of romantic duos with developing romances in plenty of shows you may know (Moonlighting, Lois and Clark, Inuasha). However what made this two click was that you actually felt they were one step in reality which actually made you appreciate and care for the two. Both of them are characters we actually get to know and find lovable; Lee is a determined tough as nails American James Bond who always gets the job done by any means necessary and wants his life to be anything but normal (although you sense at times he want to take a break once in a while). Amanda is a reluctant hero but always does the right thing at the right time, has a bit of bad timing which works to her advantage, funny, sweet, intelligent, has a husky vocal charm and wit and despite no special training she always got the mission completely by doing simply whatever she can logically do in the situation. Both give each other grief, never fully accepting each other world, liking or disliking one another, both save one another from trouble or get into trouble, but their relationship developed like any other they started out as partners, friends, then lovers. The writers really timed the development right just making it slowly but surely develop and knowing the proper places where it lead to. It's true that by Season 4 even though it wasn't bad you did sense that the show was starting to lose steam mainly due to things beginning to feel a little routine. But the chemistry was never lost and in the end about on the final episode it lead to the two getting married but of course both of them had to keep it secret for protection which made dramatic sense. The show ended at the right time and alright (at least for some). Scarecrow and Miss King are a very unlikely couple but they have one thing in common they love trouble and each other.