Scarecrow and Mrs. King

CBS (ended 1987)





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  • Lee Stetson is a handsome, independent bachelor, and secret agent, AKA "Scarecrow". Amanda King is a single mother of two, cub-scout leader, pretty all-American girl next door. One chance meeting at a train station changed their lives forever.

    "Scarecrow and Mrs King" has the perfect ingredients for a romantic comedy. You combine an inquisitive, innocent housewife with a ladies man who wants anything but a new partner and you can't end up with anything less than a few good laughs and some flowers. Bruce Boxleitner and Kate Jackson have a great chemistry on screen and are a thrill to watch. With Amanda's well meaning attempts to help only adding to Lee's frustration with having a partner, his co-workier, Francine, is anything but helpful. Her smart comebacks and sly remarks are greeted with Lee's "Can it Francine" or "Button it, Loose Lips" and are great laughs. Unlike some of the other shows at this time, Lee and Amanda's relationship was pretty steady, none of that on-again, off-again romance that really aggrivates the watcher. I understand why writers do that, but it's a nice change to have a couple that, even though it takes them a while to admit their feelings, you know once they do, you aren't going to be on a rollercoaster.
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