Scarecrow and Mrs. King

CBS (ended 1987)





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  • It's funny, dramatic, well written, and the chemistry between these two is amazing.

    It's funny, dramatic, well written, and the chemistry between these two is amazing.

    This is my all time favorite show! I was watching it between the age of ten and fifteen. I think it shaped my personality somewhat. I relate to Amanda being kind of a klutzy house wife. Not incredibly beautiful, but attractive enough. She is honest and sincere. Lee is brave, smart, and totally hot.
    It's a scenario that anyone could imagine them selves in. The episodes seem realistic and very well written. Not like today were everyone is incredibly gorgeous and the plots are way too ridiculous. I appreciated the realistic violence in the show, but also the lack of gore. No shock value here, just pure entertainment. Something the whole family could enjoy. My kids and I watch the old tapes. Some times I'll be watching some other show and recognize part of a plot from S&Mrs.K. I'll say to myself "they stole that from S&Mrs. K" They probably did, it was really great spy writing for it's time.
    I wish the series hadn't ended the way it did. They just should of ended with Lee and Amanda's wedding. It's too bad that Kate Jackson got cancer. I'm glad she is better now, but what horrible timing. I also wish they would bring it back using her sons as the main character, or maybe Lee and Amanda's child if they had had one. Kate and Bruce could still be in it, higher ups in the agency, but focus on the younger characters mostly. I think a show like that would be very successful.
    I had a pretty rough childhood and this show helped me make it through, with imagination, laughter, and romance. I'm glad I had the opportunity to see every episode.