Scaredy Camp - Season 2

Nickelodeon (ended 2003)


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  • Day 5: Season Finale

    The Blue Team earned the right to uncover the legend behind Camp Counselor Sally, after beating the Red Team 3-2. If they can overcome their fears of the haunted woods, and find the final clues to the disappearance of Sally, the Blue Team will discover the truth about the restless spirit.

  • Episode 009
    Episode 009
    Episode 5
    Episode 009: The day event is "The Blindfold Challenge". In this event, one person is blindfolded, while another teammate tells the blindfolded one which way to go to find a specific item. The Red team gets 8 of the items, while the blue team gets 4 items. Each team chooses one of their items to go with the person that is going to the night game. The red team chooses to keep the raft and the blue team keeps the tent. For the night game, one person from each team searches for three clues. The blue team finds a stone with the letter "M" on it, and the red team finds the word "Daisies". No one found the third clue, for they ran out of time. This ends up in the final score for the clues: 2 clues for the red team and 3 for blue team, which means the blue team gets to search in the all night game in the next episode: The Scaredy Camp finale.moreless
  • Episode 008
    Episode 008
    Episode 4
    For the day event, the teams compete in a water relay. The red team wins it by one second, which means they get to search for the clue for the night event. First, each person is blindfolded and sent to a separate location. Each person must find the other teammate after finding a clue. They end up finding some bloody tissues and a ripped bottom half of a wedding invitation.moreless
  • Episode 007
    Episode 007
    Episode 3
  • Episode 007
    Episode 007
    Episode 2
  • Episode 006
    Episode 006
    Episode 1
    Campers learn about the tale of Camp Counselor Sally.