Scariest Places On Earth

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Scariest Places On Earth

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Join host Linda Blair for a trip to some of the most haunted locations on the planet. Early episodes feature tours of several places, while later episodes focus on a family exploring one major location. This show last aired on ABC Family as part of the 2006 version of "The 13 Nights of Halloween" (originally Fox Family's "13 Days of Halloween"), and reruns occasionally air on YTV in Canada and Horizons in the UK.

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    • Theorosa,s Bridge

      I used to live just 6 miles from an extremely Haunted Bridge we Called Theorosa's Bridge it is locatedNear Valley Center Kansas in Sedgwick County near the Harvey County Line Crossing Jester Creek there have been many Ghost sightings there on that Bridge I could tell you in person much better and trust me it is truely Haunted
    • its full of shit put me on the show

      Its interesting how they act like its real put me on.the show LOL it ain't nothing
    • Awesome show, needs more new episodes

      Anyone stating that the show is staged is obviously not a believer of the paranormal. These families aren't acting scared, they ARE scared. The places they're taken to are ancient so there will be torture devices that aren't used anymore because that's what was used back then. If you don't believe the places are scary, pick one and visit it for yourself.
    • This show is too cheesy.

      This show could have been very cool, but it is so cheesy!!! Get rid of the ladies voice from poltergeist, make Linda Blair speak like a normal person with NO corny lights and chains, and ditch that Irish dude. Basically have a thorough scientific evaluation of these places without the cheese factor. It would be nice to see it not so over produced. It's hard to take it seriously when there are so many props and smoke and mirrors. The Irish guy is super annoying. Twenty bucks says he dresses up in mid-evil outfits while playing Dungeons and Dragons in his mother's basement.moreless
    • Its a insulting joke.

      This is probably the worst most insulting show in existence. The people chosen for this are such... jokes, it makes you wish to burn out your eyelids. I hope your show gets shut down for pure stupidity. Don't get me wrong, I love paranormal, and this was an insult to all the paranormal loving fans out there. Shut down the show, its not even worth anyone's time. It is a chorus of people screaming and background music making it seem remotely interesting; remove that background music and no one would no longer watch the show. Choose professionals next time. Not screaming jokes.moreless

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