Scariest Places On Earth

Season 2 Episode 19

Island of No Return: The Venice Dare

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 19, 2001 on ABC Family

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  • This was the best episode ever!

    This episode was the first one I saw, setting the bar for the rest pretty high. The family was literally scared, as was I. I was almost scared to walk around my house in the dark that night! Makes me want to visit. I can only imagine what wasn't included in the show.
  • The excitment from which I got while watching this episode, really makes me want to visit Venice.

    I have to say, haunted places really excite me. I like to visit old homes and buildings here in Georgia just to see if maybe they are haunted. I want to find out how to get on this show! I would love to experience one of these adventures! I am sure most would think I am crazy, but it\'s just something I have always been interested in.
    I think to say after watching this episode, I may take one of these challenges and end up screaming and crying like Danielle, but honestly, I believe no matter how scared I was, no matter how fast my heart was beating and what sounds that I heard, I\'d find myself staying calm, quiet and focusing on what was really going on, and remembering that spirits can\'t hurt you.
    I really want to experience something like this at least once before I die.
  • It gave a historical account of events which had occurred over centuries. The equipment used to detect spirits was fantastic. It gave it a realism the drama couldn\'t.

    This was the first episode I seen. My friend taped it for me. I watched it after work.I was hooked from that point! Some people may complain about the drama, but consider this! Everyone reacts differently.How would you or think you would react if you were in this situation? Take A look see, it\'s well worth it! Just found the SPOE dvd is now for sale. Will be buying on my day off! I\'m really looking forward to watching it!