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  • Good show, BUT...

    it's nearly guaranteed that every episode you get some "oh so brave" female screaming her behind off, and crying. It gets to give a person a headache. Without all that screaming, it'd be much better, but dang, come on women, stand up and be brave. Stop being the "damsel in distress". I don't even know how many women I've been around in my long life that scream like that anyway, geez. Other than that I do love to watch the show.
  • Theorosa,s Bridge

    I used to live just 6 miles from an extremely Haunted Bridge we Called Theorosa's Bridge it is locatedNear Valley Center Kansas in Sedgwick County near the Harvey County Line Crossing Jester Creek there have been many Ghost sightings there on that Bridge I could tell you in person much better and trust me it is truely Haunted
  • its full of shit put me on the show

    Its interesting how they act like its real put me on.the show LOL it ain't nothing
  • Awesome show, needs more new episodes

    Anyone stating that the show is staged is obviously not a believer of the paranormal. These families aren't acting scared, they ARE scared. The places they're taken to are ancient so there will be torture devices that aren't used anymore because that's what was used back then. If you don't believe the places are scary, pick one and visit it for yourself.
  • This show is too cheesy.

    This show could have been very cool, but it is so cheesy!!! Get rid of the ladies voice from poltergeist, make Linda Blair speak like a normal person with NO corny lights and chains, and ditch that Irish dude. Basically have a thorough scientific evaluation of these places without the cheese factor. It would be nice to see it not so over produced. It's hard to take it seriously when there are so many props and smoke and mirrors. The Irish guy is super annoying. Twenty bucks says he dresses up in mid-evil outfits while playing Dungeons and Dragons in his mother's basement.
  • Its a insulting joke.

    This is probably the worst most insulting show in existence. The people chosen for this are such... jokes, it makes you wish to burn out your eyelids. I hope your show gets shut down for pure stupidity. Don't get me wrong, I love paranormal, and this was an insult to all the paranormal loving fans out there. Shut down the show, its not even worth anyone's time. It is a chorus of people screaming and background music making it seem remotely interesting; remove that background music and no one would no longer watch the show. Choose professionals next time. Not screaming jokes.
  • In which history is exploited for fun and fear, and families hang out in haunted houses. It's like LARPing an urban legend - I wanna try.

    It's not a show to be taken too seriously. Some of the histories are true, but it's a series of ghost stories on steroids. It's like a badly written primer for true paranormal investigation. A gateway show, if you will.

    Which is why I love it so much. You watch it, you are entertained, you get spooked, you're done. You can use it as a basis for homemade MST3K, spot various inaccuracies, and even play drinking games - a shot for every time your assigned family member freaks out. I felt it was a bit like the bastard child of Silent Hill 2 and *insert reality show of your choice*. You get the idea that the place is trying to screw with the families (a la crew members), but it's too linear to be anything but fabricated.

    I love it, really. When I was twelve it got me interested in the paranormal. I hope we get new episodes or dvd releases - I'd love to see a 'how we filmed it' documentary.
  • One of the worst collections of popular tripe and scare tactics detracting from paranormal research.

    From the very beginning, this show was doomed to a life of question and controversy. Families gauged to be the most reactionary were selected to be subjected to hype and scare tactics. Noises were constant in an environment that had obviously been tampered with.

    Fixed cameras and the wiring that would have controlled them would have been the source of most EMF readings, and cameras and scenes tended to cut when families managed to accurately trace the EMF source toward the cameras.

    The silly music and the amplified screams are good for a few laughs, but there was never any serious intent to examine the paranormal. This was about thirty minutes of screams for ratings, at a time when equitable research was just becoming popular. If you liked Friday the 13th, this was probably a great show.
  • Bring back the show! My family would love to be one of the families visting a site of the paranormal!

    I personally love this show. I wish that you would get this going again. My family and I are interested in haunted houses. We've been to a haunted blind school, but didn't see anything. I think it would be very interesting to go see a place like what you have shown on TV. I seen a couple episodes today, and am infatuated with it. I was talking to my mother about it and wondered how we would go about being one of those families on your show. I guess I didn't know till just a few minutes ago that this show was discontinued. If you should decide to bring it back, my family would love to go visit a site of the paranormal! Thanks again!
  • "The Scariest Places on Earth"

    Man what a show, this is comedy at it's best. I always laugh when I see this show. They intentionally tell the families a scary tale of the location. Then the family members are hooded and led to different locations, where they begin their quest. I was watching an episode and this black family was on an island. the teen daughter was a hoot.. I noticed during the show that items are dropped from the ceiling & in one clip a family member pans the room and theres somone standing there but moves back quickly. Im a believer in the paranormal, but this show is a black eye for the concept. Ghost Hunters at least is real in the fact they go looking for the alleged ghost.

    This is a reality show, "The Scariest Places on Earth" keep that in mind as well as it's locations are staged. the families are real, the buckets falling from the cieling are for effect...

    You may notice that the narrator is from the tv show "Most Haunted" that show was proven to be a fraud. Dont believe it? Google "Most Haunted Hoax".

    Dont shy away from the paranormal, because of cheesy reality shows. It's real Spirits/ghosts/paranormal activity. The Most Haunted & The Scariest Places on Earth are for entertainment only....
  • I believe in ghost and these storied are true. Scariest Places on Earth is the best show ever shown, and it needs to come alive again.

    I stayed at Myrtles Plantation and I went there thinking that ghost were in my head. When I left I was scared a ghost was coming home with me. Not only did I hear ghost talking and walking We saw things move and seen figures and it was just crazy scarey. If you dont believe in ghost, then you need to go stay at Myrtles or one of these haunted places, and you will know it is real, and this show needs to come back. I am ready for anything you have to offer.Scariest Places on Earth was the best show ever shown and the people on the show are not faking.
  • Terrible show! Fake, unreal, bogus. Show us some results if the show ain't a fake!!!

    This show is completely bogus. They don't show you the results of anything the families find, cuz frankly it's all a set up. Ghosts don't just do things cuz they are on TV. Come on people, you can do better than this. Everything looks set up. Like people really leave all kinds of torture devices just laying around old castles in the middle of nowhere. These people are hired to hide out and make "spooky" noises and scare the crap out of these families they sucker into doing the show. unreal. Anybody got a comment shoot and email to me.
  • Don't bother.

    If you watch shows on the paranormal seeking information, "Scariest Places" is a terrible choice. The participants are set up big time just to be scared. It's a giant farce. It's actually pitiful to play on people like that, but, admittedly, folks sign up just to be frightened. So, since it pays, and people seem to enjoy screaming a lot, by all means make money!

    As I said, if you want paranormal info and even WANT to try to trust the producers, directors and participants, you're better off with some of the other shows. I obviously can't vouch for their integrity, but the integrity of this show is obvious. There is none.
  • all actors

    I just think that the family they have on this show are all actors.They always have the camera focused on there faces and none of the action.Anybody can scream and run when they have a camera in there face.I like Ghost Hunters alot better because they at least try and capture ghost on film or debunk it.This show just captures the fake fear in peoples faces.When I watch a show about the paranormal,dang it,I want to see some dang ghost.Not people running and screaming.If they want to keep this show going they need to keep the camera off the faces and try and capture something,and get rid of the voice that tries and sound scary,it sounds like that little lady from the poltergeist movie,kinda cracks me up.
  • scare me, I doubt it.

    They search thru so many applications only to find religious fanatics or scaredy cats. HOw about a family that doesn't scare that easy? Why not get a family, say from New York to prove that none of these locations are actually haunted? We had one house in our neighborhood that was supposed to be haunted. I go in with friends and prove that it was only an old house that was falling apart and no ghosts. They tore it down after we debunked the location and now there's a new apartment building there with no ghosts. Bring back the show.

    I love the way they get families who scare easy. Bring a family in from the big apple,NEW YORK and you'll see a real ghost buster. If they bring the show back, I'm definitely applying for a tour. let's see if they can make this no nonsense born and raised new yorker afraid of shadows and knockings. My daughter and I laugh when we hear them scream and run away from their own shadows. Then we yell at the tube for them to stop screaming. How lame can you get with your chosen families. I'll prove there are no ghosts
  • I would love to get on that show and go to the most haunted place with my family to see if it really is worth calling it the scariest place in the world.

    this is, well was a good show to watch. I love ne thing that has to do with haunting. I'm glad that they are showing reruns on the scifi channel. But to bring up to date, would be cool. There are alot of places that has yet to be seen and explored.
    They should ever look in to small town haunting. In fact, there are alot in my little home town of Corpus Christi, TX. The old court house is suppose to haunted. the Smith building has a little girl there that comes out of nowhere and through walls. that would be cool.
  • Haven't seen this ;D But name says it all :)

    So i haven't seen this show.
    But i want to see it ;d
    And name says its all Scariest places .
    I think that is smthng very great.
    I want to see it but i cant see it anywhere.):
    I dont know how to rewiev so long thats why i write all the time something much Xd

    Go on and move on ;D
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    Go on and move on ;D
  • Great show!

    Wow I miss this show. I remember talking to my brother about this one over coffee. I do admit you can't help but be amused watching it from the comfort of a sofa but when you are in one of the scariest places on earth well that's another story. What I liked about this show is also gives a history of the place and the interviews of locals and owners. The highlight in most episodes is when a family is given the challenge of an overnight stay at a reputed haunted place like Chillingham Castle or a disused sanatorium in one of the islands of Venice and the reactions of the participants looked very real. One night may be more than enough to cure a skeptic. It is fitting Linda Blair be the host and Zelda Rubinstein be the narrator one must not forget it's other commentator host Allan Robson. This British DJ puts a chilly twist to his warnings when a family camps in for the night. He makes it clear that this is no picnic. Whether you believe it or not Scariest Places on Earth is entertaining
  • How should I say this awsome!!!

    Its an reality show that airs on ABC Family.Where familes goes to different location that is hot spot location and history as well.Their mission is to tape any ghostly activity and also to try and close the spirit portal something liked that.This show is awsome.I love any reality show with Ghost haunting and stuff.Also this show is really good to watch on Halloween since Halloween is more ghosts and stuff.Yeah some people might think that ghosts are not real and hte show isn't real at all just fake stuff.But you may never know until you find the truth.
  • Scarier every week. But now, scarier every year. More like, scarier when ever a new episode is on. It is so said that there is no more new episodes. :(.

    Scarier every week. But now, scarier every year. More like, scarier when ever a new episode is on. It is so sad that there is no more new episodes. This show is so good. Why, why aren't there any new episodes. I remember new episodes in October. This is just like Fear, but, you actually learn about the place, more than what took place at, take for example, a hospitle, yes people died there, but it gives info on important people died there, or what was really extrodanary. I would do anything (not really) to get this show back on the air. It was so god. Please bring new episodes.
  • "What makes a place scary?" is a classic line that will have you on the edge of your seat.

    "What makes a place scary? Is it the fact that who ever built it before didn't know there was a curse on the land? A terrible murder played out and now that soul wants revenge? Or is it the fact that we can't see the unknown?" Every episode starts off like that. What makes a place scary is enough to tell you that your in for one hell of a ride. There are two series to this. One series is when a normal everyday family takes it upon themselves to travel to an unknown land and find out if this place is scary. It will start off with a little history and tell you how this place became haunted and how towns folk stay away from this place. Then they show you a happy go lucky family all revved up and ready to go thinking its just a family trip. You'll always get one member of the family saying "Yeah I put them up to this because I want to see what would happen if their scared." And another member saying that he/she isn't afraid of anything. They'll show you clips of what wil happen to them after they say their "fearless". They'll get to target area and see just how big, freaky, or plain scary looking the place is. A few words will be passed like "Now I'm scared.", "Holy crap this place is huge!", or the best one "Why am I here?" After that they enter the building and that's where the magic happens. The hour long show will have you either laughing at their fear, or gasping in fear.

    The second series is when you hear tales of a town that is haunted and then they'll show a ghost hunter, or someone that deals with ghost to visit the area and see if the tales are true. Sometimes they have college students see if the tale is real. I perfer this series over the family going to a haunted place because its not all pointed at one place. If you like scary shows, or anything that deals with ghost this is the show for you.
  • Good subject- but choose better qualified personnel to investigate hauntings.

    (This email was sent to the producers of the show)

    I watched 11 hours of \"World\'s Scariest Places\" a few days ago- during your long, Holloween special. Love your subject, but I\'m sick of women acting like babies. It seems like most of your airtime was spent showing young, inexperienced women scream their heads off at the slightest manifestations. Based on what I have seen, I don\'t think the majority of females, especially young 20 somethings, are tempermentally suited to investigating hauntings. They seem to react to ghostly phenomena the way they do to mice scurrying about- with absolute and uncontrolled terror. Men can be very scared too- but none of them lost their outward composure the way women did on your shows. Only women who are experienced and professional mediums, psychics or paranormal researchers should be used for these shows. They are the only ones who could help the investigations, rather than hinder them. Screaming your head off and totally losing it feeds negative energy to spirit and demon presences- which also must amuse them as well I\'m sure. Also, spirits who want the researchers gone know to scare the most impressionable members of the team- almost always the women- into such disruptive behaviour that the whole group has to draw a retreat. It doesn\'t seem to take much from the spooks to turn your average woman into a hysterical two year old who just dirtied her pants with fear. OK, some women can hang tough and be cool under these circumstances- but my point is that such women are a minority- perhaps as low as 10% or less. It is unfair to your viewers who want to understand more about the paranormal to subject them to such histrionics- they interfere, not help our understanding. Many times the young woman was hearing or seeing something alright- but it was all drowned out by her screams. This is not informative, and after several hours, gets very very annoying. Why are people like this chosen for this show? Is your program more about showing women scared silly than it is about ghosts and the paranormal? Keep your show- but change your roster of who goes into these places. I swear, if I see another one of your \"Scariest Places\" episodes with you sending 5 young inexperienced women into a very creepy place- I will get very upset, because this makes me feel you don\'t take the subject seriously. Then I feel that your show might as well be produced by Howard Stern- it\'s all about messing with chicks and getting laughs in the process. Leslie Farkas
  • Dont wast your time, this show is just pissing all over what ghost hunting is like and making it like a game.

    I watch 3 epidsodes and I got too say that it's stage, if you want too see horror movies there are alot of movies out there, they should be taken off the air. people shouldn't go into houses, ships cabins or any other spirited places for entertainment. Ghost are real and some are nice but most arn't and they are stuck on earth because of their tragic ending. I mean think about it, If some comes into your house uninvited and starts messing around what would you do. Leave the investagations too exspets not too damn TV shows who only cares for rateings.
  • High Anxiety Anticipated

    This show is all about the Scary thing that you can\'t see with the naked eye. You may not believe what they are showing you or saying, but it invokes anxiety in the viewer while watching the show. It makes me wonder what is really out there. Halloween wouldn\'t be the same without this show.
  • The scariest show alive!

    This show was awesome if I had to watch a show constantly this would be it! Even though it is wicked scary I loved it! If i want to scare my friend ina bob anytime soon I will defintly remind her about the time we watched this at her house!
  • Good Show Except For The Faked And Phoney Scare Tactics

    There has been but only a few TV series that were devoted to documenting the paranormal: among them, Sightings, Haunted Lives, Paranormal Borderline and even to a lesser extent, Unsolved Mysteries, including several more good shows which discussed true ghost stories. Hosted by Linda Blair and narrated by the creepy voice of Zelda Rubenstein, this show was definitely going to give you nightmares with its shaky angles, out of focus shots and provoking images as it went in search of ghosts through some of the most haunted houses and edifices on the earth, but where it didn't work was the whole "Reality TV" approach where it took families to some of the most frightening places in the world to find spirits more unnerving than anything in the movies. Creepy images, phony historical events, overly dramatic guides and rigged scares forced the unwary participants to scream on cue for no apparent reason. The series was a brief hit, but it has now been religate to a perennial Halloween special. Even if you don't believe in such things, this is the show for you.
  • You not only the get S**t scared out of you. You also learn the dark history of our world. I wish They would bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love this show not only does it help bring families together it teaches you the otherside of life and makes you thankful that you are in this time and in the safety of your own home.I would really love to go on Scariest Places on Earth and I know that my family would too.
  • Interesting, very interesting

    Me and my friend watched this on ABC family, and she was freaked, but I was very interested in it. It's really spooky, and entertaining watching familes get freaked out over the creepiest things! This show is so awesome! I still don't know why the cancelled it, but it needs to be brought back!
  • Explorations of some of the worlds most famous haunted houses.

    This is the most realistic of the ghost shows i think because the reactions are so believable.When a bang occurs in the "haunted house" instead of checking it out they scream and clutch on to the person next to them.The people who claim to see things cry,scream,jump,constantly swear,or say i'm outta here all realistic reactions.They make it eerily creepy due to the whole way it's filmed in night vision a lot like another good ghost shoe Most Haunted.People in this show have actually left the house crying in sheer terror and if that is acting than it's a damn good job.The narrator is a terrifying women who makes that cold thing happen to your stomach everytime she speaks.The icing on the cake is that it's hosted by Linda Blair star of The Exorcist.Overall Scariest Places On Earth is a great way to scare yourself before going to bed.

    i absolutly loveeee this show!! i cant believe its not on anymore!! i used to stay home saturday nights just to watch it. i thank god that i had the sence to tape a couple of my favorite episodes, that i now watch on a regular bases.

    please bring this show back!!
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