Scariest Places On Earth

ABC Family (ended 2006)


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  • One of the worst collections of popular tripe and scare tactics detracting from paranormal research.

    From the very beginning, this show was doomed to a life of question and controversy. Families gauged to be the most reactionary were selected to be subjected to hype and scare tactics. Noises were constant in an environment that had obviously been tampered with.

    Fixed cameras and the wiring that would have controlled them would have been the source of most EMF readings, and cameras and scenes tended to cut when families managed to accurately trace the EMF source toward the cameras.

    The silly music and the amplified screams are good for a few laughs, but there was never any serious intent to examine the paranormal. This was about thirty minutes of screams for ratings, at a time when equitable research was just becoming popular. If you liked Friday the 13th, this was probably a great show.