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Scariest Places On Earth

ABC Family (ended 2006)


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  • Season 4 Episode 7: Legendary Haunts

  • Also Appearing:
    Location: Dixmont State Hospital - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Bryce Walat - Historian
    Ralph Stroyne - Dixmont Neighbor
    Rebecca Shott - Psychic
    Aaron Hutzel - Dixmont Visitor

    Location: West Virginia State Penitentiary - Moundsville, West Virginia
    Tom Stiles - Penitentiary Employee
    Paul Kirby - Penitentiary Medic
    Pam Johnson - Paranormal Investigator
    Robert B. Harkness - Prison Electrician
    Mike Parnicza - Prison Medical Administrator
    Lisa Cox - Paranormal Investigator
    John Cox - Paranormal Investigator

  • Season 4 Episode 5: Urban Legends 2

  • Also Appearing:
    Location: Lizzie Borden House - Falls Church, Virginia
    Michael Martins - Historian
    Dee Moniz - Caretaker
    Rob Dunbar - Overnight Guest
    Lee-Ann Wilber - Overnight Guest
    Alex Palermo - Psychic

  • Season 3 Episode 4: Return to Magnolia Lane

  • Also Appearing:
    Sallie Ann Glassman - Mambo Voodoo Priestess
    Dave Myers - Father, Myers Family
    Jason Myers - Son, Myers Family
    Cassie Myers - Mother, Myers Family
    Niki Myers - Daughter, Myers Family
    Rene Myers - Daughter, Myers Family
    Father LeDoux - Pastor of St Augustine
    Richard Naberschnig - Owner, Magnolia Lane Plantation
    Ronald Manuel - Caretaker, Magnolia Lane
    Tristan Codrescu - Paranormal Researcher
    Mimi Lansou - Medium

  • Season 3 Episode 3: Return to Transylvania

  • Also Appearing:
    Ana Roscas - Gypsy Witch
    Father Doru Cirstoi - Exorcist
    Ryan, Rhett, Ashly, Stacey, & Bob - Broders Family
    Florin Iapen - Documentarian
    Aurelia Moholea - Local Exorcist
    Tristan Codrescu - Paranormal Researcher
    Raymond McNally - Professor, Boston University
    Maria Belus - Transylvania Resident
    Iochim Lazar - Museum Director
    Nicolae Ceriser - Castle Director

  • Season 3 Episode 2: Woodchester Mansion Dare

  • Also Appearing:
    Delores, Lakesha, Frederick, Tamika, Kimberly - James Family
    Kate Ward - Witch
    Graham King - Curator, Museum of Witchcraft
    Stephen Davis - Author
    Ronald Sutton - Professor of History, University of Bristol
    Danny Sullivan - Architect/Author
    Christian Passey - Trans-Medium
    Paul Devereaux - Author
    Wendy Milner - Psychic Artist
    Richard Straley - Dowser

  • Season 2 Episode 26: A Night in Dracula's Cast...

  • This episode had a run time of two hours.

  • Also Appearing:
    John, Jennifer, Jason, Connie & Cristin - Menegaux Family
    Nicolae Ceriser - Castle Director
    Ioachim Lazar - Museum Director
    Tristan Codrescu - Paranormal Researcher
    Prof. Raymond McNally - Author
    Florian Iapan - Documentary Filmmaker
    Maria Bellus - Werewolf Victim
    Aurelia Moholea - Corpse Exorcist
    Liviu Avram - Transylvania Resident
    Otilia Hedesean - Ethnologist
    Father Doru Cirstoi - Exorcist
    Ana Roscas - Gypsy Witch

  • This show calls the Hunyad Castle in Hunedoara Dracula's castle, but there are a number of locations that share that moniker. These include Bran Castle in Brasov which is the most popular, and Sighisoara Castle which was where he was born. Poenari Castle is also associated with Vlad, and is the location where his first wife committed suicide rather than be taken prisoner by the invading Turks. Hunyad Castle is where Vlad spent the seven years as a captive of King Matthias of Hungary.

  • Season 2 Episode 25: Goldfield Ghost Hunt

  • Also Appearing:
    Location 1: Goldfield Hotel - Goldfield, Nevada
    Jon Auric - Resident
    Norm Taylor - Former Resident
    Virginia Ridgeway - Resident
    Sandy Johnson - Resident
    Bob O'Neil - Construction Superintendent
    Sandy Spicer - Former Deputy Sheriff
    Mike & Cat House - Ghosttowners
    Michele Hardison - Paranormal Investigator
    Janice Oberding - Author, "Haunted Nevada"
    Elizabeth Paddon - Psychic Medium

    Location 2: Crypts - Guanajuato, Mexico
    Carlos Martinez - Guide
    Manuel Gutierrez - Local
    Jose Luis - Local Historian
    Ariel Lopez - Local
    Lino Rosalez - Local
    Celia Amanzon - Student
    Hadley McClellen - Student
    Peter Brach - Student
    David Marc Harrison - Student
    Isis Romero - Student
    Joey Tomasoni - Student

    Location 3: The Hellfire Club - Dublin, Ireland
    Brian Finney - Professor of Literature
    Beata Canby - Student
    Caroline White - Student
    Paul McKenna - Historian
    Sandra Ramdhanie - Psychic
    William McNeill - Innkeeper

    Location 4: Hot Lake Hotel - Hot Lake, Oregon
    Sherrie Becker - Real Estate Broker
    Louise Rhea - Current Owner
    Donna Pattee - Previous Owner
    Sheila Smith- Co-Author, "The Town Under One Roof"
    Shirley Peters- Co-Author, "The Town Under One Roof"
    Brian Walker - Caretaker
    Crystal & Jamie Werner - Locals
    Brenda, Sara, Jeff, & Ian - The Clark-Jackson Family, Prospective Buyers
    Janice Lynch - Psychic

  • Season 2 Episode 24: Return to Charleville: Th...

  • Also Appearing:
    Debbie Benes - Mother, Benes Family
    Jill Benes - Daughter, Benes Family
    Ryan Benes - Son, Benes Family
    Jeremy Rowe - Nephew, Benes Family
    Karolyn Benes - Daughter, Benes Family
    Karri O'Brien - Folklorist
    Paul Devereaux - Author
    Mary Alagna - Former Castle Resident
    Bridgett Vance - Former Castle Resident
    Dudley Stewart - Former Castle Resident

  • Season 2 Episode 23: Contagion of Fear: Waverl...

  • Also Appearing:
    Location 1: Waverly Hills Sanitarium - Louisville, Kentucky
    David Langdon - Louisville County Health Department
    Douglas Steele - Ex-Waverly Hills Patient
    Joseph Mattingly - Ex-Waverly Hills Employee
    Tom Owen - Local Historian
    Charles Mattingly - Owner
    Tina Mattingly - Owner's Wife
    Christie Mattingly - Owner's Daughter
    Jay Gravatte - Louisville Paranormal League

    Location 2: Balgonie Castle - Balgonie, Scotland
    Tawnya Wilson - Bride-to-Be
    Bryan LaCombe - Groom-to-Be
    Raymond Morris - Laird of Balgonie
    Margaret Morris - Lady of Balgonie
    Stuart Morris - Balgonie Archivist and Historian
    Jackie Brown - Local Resident
    Ian Taylor - Inn Keeper
    Archie Lawrie - Paranormal Investigator
    Francis Ryan - Medium

    Location 3: Seul Choix Lighthouse - Seul Choix Point, Michigan
    Fred Stonehouse - Author, "Haunted Lakes"
    Marilyn Fischer - Gulliver Historical Society
    Heather Smith - Film Student
    Justin Hicks - Film Student
    Stepanie Frenette - Film Student
    Avonda Rehs - Lighthouse Docent
    Diane Case - Lighthouse Docent
    Tom Hoholik - Carpenter
    Stuart Church - Local Resident
    Mary Agnes - Local Resident
    Vernon Lee - Local Resident
    Jim Barr - Local Resident

  • Season 2 Episode 22: Return to Lucedio: The Cu...

  • Also Appearing:
    Mike Hall - Son, Hall Family
    Kelly Hall - Daughter-in-Law, Hall Family
    Andy Hall - Son, Hall Family
    Diane Hall - Mother, Hall Family
    Noel Hall - Father, Hall Family
    Luigi Bavagnoli - Paranormal Investigator

  • Season 2 Episode 20: The Untold Stories

  • Also Appearing:
    Laverne Wilson - Mother, Wilson Family
    Victor Wilson - Son, Wilson Family
    Alison Wilson - Daughter, Wilson Family
    Danielle Wilson - Granddaughter, Wilson Family
    Michael Scott - Grandson, Wilson Family
    Alberto Tossa Fei - Journalist
    Marino Zorzi - Director, Marciana Library
    Giordano Berti - Occult Historian
    Elena Marchini - Author
    Ermanno Venzano - Local Sailor
    Gianni Golfera - Medium

  • Season 2 Episode 19: Island of No Return: The ...

  • Also Appearing:
    Alberto Tossa Fei - Journalist
    Marino Zorzi - Director, Marciana Library
    Giordano Berti - Occult HIstorian
    Elena Marchini - Author
    Laverne Wilson - Mother, Wilson Family
    Victor Wilson - Son, Wilson Family
    Alison Wilson - Daughter, Wilson Family
    Danielle Wilson - Granddaughter, Wilson Family
    Michael Scott - Grandson, Wilson Family
    Ermanno Venzano - Local Sailor
    Gianni Golfera - Medium

  • The running time for this episode was two hours.

  • Season 2 Episode 17: Lost Souls

  • Also Appearing:
    Location: Oranmore Castle - Oranmore, Ireland
    Leonie King-Finn - Co-Owner, Oranmore Castle
    Tarka King - Current Owner, Oranmore Castle
    Nolan Burke - Student
    Sean Collins - Student
    Kathleen Davis - Oranmore Historian
    Alec Finn - Local Musician
    Delores Lynn - Oranmore Local
    Bridge Burke - Oranmore Local
    Gerladine Kane - Paranormal Investigator

    Location: Mansfield Reformatory - Mansfield, Ohio
    Dan Seckel - Historian
    Derrick Johnson - Local Resident
    Rob Weirick - Local Resident
    Clay McNeal - Former Guard
    Lynne Hreha - Paranormal Investigator
    Tina Michelle - Psychic Medium
    Terry Bohland - Former Guard
    Rachel Demyan - Prison Tour Guide

    Location: La Purisima Mission - Lompoc, California
    Steve Schuler - Ranger
    Julie Tumamat - Chumash Descendent
    Jane Alvarez - Eyewitness
    Pam Geagan - Medium

    Location 4: Capuchin Catacombs - Palermo, Sicily
    Father Calogero Peri - Keeper of the Catacombs

  • Season 2 Episode 16: Rituals of Evil

  • Also Appearing:
    Location 1: Rose Hall - Montego Bay, Jamaica
    Marcia Williams - Rose Hall Historian
    Aaron Becan - Custodian
    Moses Williams - Groundskeeper
    Vinette Atkins - Folkloric Scholar
    L'Antoinette Osunibe Stins - Priestess
    King Baucho - High Priest
    Owen King - Troubadour

    Location 2: Thelema Abbey - Cefalu, Sicily
    Brian Finney - Professor of Literature
    Gino Piombu - Stone Mason

    Location 3: Forte Sperone - Genoa, Italy
    Marco Pepe - Paranormal Investigator
    Elisabetta Zorzi - Historian

  • Season 2 Episode 15: Urban Legends

  • Also Appearing:
    Location 3: Bunnyman Bridge - Fairfax County, Virginia
    Officer Jacquelynn M. Smith - Fairfax County Police Department
    Margo Buckley - Clifton Resident
    William R. Mayhew - Local Historian
    John Knudson - Longtime Clifton Resident

    Location: Ohio State University - Athens, Ohio
    Jim Michnowicz - Student Services, Ohio University
    Doug McCabe - Curator of Manuscripts, Ohio University

    Location: Jersey Devil - Pine Barrens, New Jersey
    Laura Leuter - Team Leader, The Devil Hunters
    Shawn Vogel - Team Member, The Devil Hunters
    Mike McLeer - Team Member, The Devil Hunters
    Harry Leeds - Descendant of Mother Leeds

    Location 3: The Ledge Lighthouse - New London, Connecticut
    Christine Kaczynski - Paranormal Investigator

  • Season 2 Episode 14: Haunting the Heartland

  • Also Appearing:
    Location: Private Residence - Johnstown, Missouri
    Marian Schlicher - Historian
    Cecelia McKenzie-Schilling - Mother, Former Resident
    Catherine Schilling - Daughter, Former Resident
    Franz Schilling - Father, Former Resident
    Katrina Schilling - Daughter, Former Resident
    Brian Lile - Paranormal Investigator
    Natasha Millard - Daughter, Former Resident
    Brenda Marble - Grave Dowser
    Larry Schmidt - Archeologist
    Mel Graham - Soundman
    Keith Button - Camera Operator
    Joyce Morgan - Psychic
    Misty Mead - Psychic

    Location: Villisca Ax Murder House - Villisca, Iowa
    Thelma Barnes - Former Resident
    Darwin Linn - Owner of the House
    Dave Christensen - Paranormal Investigator
    Ed Epperly - Local Historian
    Paula Beebe - Newspaper Reporter
    Kel Blinston - Paranormal Investigators Inc.

    Location: Alton, Illinois
    Sonny Irwin - Historian
    Troy Taylor - Author
    Jeremy Johnson - Paranormal Investigator
    Jim Morelan - Paranormal Investigator
    Michael Lynch - Paranormal Investigator
    Carol Wolf - Minister
    Mike Love - Realtor
    Sharyn Luedke - Owner, McPike Mansion
    Patrick Clark - News Reporter
    Theresa Pauli-Ojeda - Videographer

  • Season 2 Episode 13: Chillingham

  • Also Appearing:
    Location: Chillingham Castle - Northumberland, England
    Kim Olson - Mother, Olson Family
    Dave Olson - Father, Olson Family
    Katie Egger - Daughter-in-law, Olson Family
    Jared Egger - Son, Olson Family
    Kelly Egger - Daughter-in-law, Olson Family
    Belinda Bray - Psychic
    Connie Leigh - Psychic

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