Scariest Places On Earth

ABC Family (ended 2006)


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  • Season 3 Episode 4: Return to Magnolia Lane

  • Also Appearing:
    Sallie Ann Glassman - Mambo Voodoo Priestess
    Dave Myers - Father, Myers Family
    Jason Myers - Son, Myers Family
    Cassie Myers - Mother, Myers Family
    Niki Myers - Daughter, Myers Family
    Rene Myers - Daughter, Myers Family
    Father LeDoux - Pastor of St Augustine
    Richard Naberschnig - Owner, Magnolia Lane Plantation
    Ronald Manuel - Caretaker, Magnolia Lane
    Tristan Codrescu - Paranormal Researcher
    Mimi Lansou - Medium

  • Season 3 Episode 3: Return to Transylvania

  • Also Appearing:
    Ana Roscas - Gypsy Witch
    Father Doru Cirstoi - Exorcist
    Ryan, Rhett, Ashly, Stacey, & Bob - Broders Family
    Florin Iapen - Documentarian
    Aurelia Moholea - Local Exorcist
    Tristan Codrescu - Paranormal Researcher
    Raymond McNally - Professor, Boston University
    Maria Belus - Transylvania Resident
    Iochim Lazar - Museum Director
    Nicolae Ceriser - Castle Director

  • Season 3 Episode 2: Woodchester Mansion Dare

  • Also Appearing:
    Delores, Lakesha, Frederick, Tamika, Kimberly - James Family
    Kate Ward - Witch
    Graham King - Curator, Museum of Witchcraft
    Stephen Davis - Author
    Ronald Sutton - Professor of History, University of Bristol
    Danny Sullivan - Architect/Author
    Christian Passey - Trans-Medium
    Paul Devereaux - Author
    Wendy Milner - Psychic Artist
    Richard Straley - Dowser

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