Scariest Places On Earth

Season 4 Episode 5

Urban Legends 2

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 23, 2005 on ABC Family

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  • I saw this show and wanted to know if they'll be airing this halloween season. I thought it was pretty scary and told many of my friends about it. Can anyone let me know if they'll be airing this?? on or close to halloween??

    Scariest Places on Earth Urban Legends 2 was pretty scary! I watched it with my daughter who is a skeptic and she quickly became a believer in the supernatural!! The haunted amusement park was for me anyway the scariest and creepiest story. I'd love to know if the family channel will air this again and wonder why the show was cancelled?? I also never saw urban legends 1 so I'd like to see them both together. Hopefully the family channel will include both these episodes for the Saturday 27th marathon. I believe they'll be airing from 8am-8pm. It would be awesome to see this show come back since it was pretty scary! Also, the only problem i had with this show was the narrators voice it was a lil too much. Again, the show should definately come back!!