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    Okay, I'm a HUGE Papa Roach Fan and was surprised to hear Jacoby Shaddix hosting this show and being about Skateboard accidents, There are some REALLY Gruesome moments and shows how kids should wear safety gear and OMG!!! SMPFilms(youtube user) was in the first episode!! To watch this show nowadays, go to mtv . com
  • FAN review

    It's called a FAN review not a hater review. I loved this show and MMMMMMM with Jocoby Shaddix hosting it I would never miss an episode.

    If you saw someone on the streets with a fucked up face you'd wanna know what happen. it's just a show making the most painful injuries public.

    I am nurse and I would watch this show over and over and sometimes advise other people with injuries to watch it. Let them know it could be worse.
  • This is one of the most disgracful shows I ever watched.

    I have seen reality telvevision shows victimize its contestants in many disgracful ways, but Scarred has really taken it way too far. I am totally disgusted by the way this show takes the injuries and suffering of young people and turns it into a very cheap form of entertainment. I only reason I saw the pilot of this disgracful show was because a student in my cooking class has a nephew that was on it. MTV and Vaicom should be totally ashamed of themselves for exploting the misfortunes and injuries of young people. It's show like this that are the reason why I very seldom watch MTV or reality television.
  • Awesome Awesome show. Not for the weak.

    Okay. So there a lot of people that have been saying "Ewwww that's gross. I hate it!" If you think that then don't even watch the show! It's not meant for the weak stomach. This show shows everyone how extreme "extreme" sports can be. it also shows how kids should wear safety equipment. Also the fact that the show is brutal and actually REAL, javascript:validateForm(document.reviewForm);makes it an awesome show. I don't recommend this for the people with a weak stomach like I said before, But for people who do skate, who do BMX, who does any other extreme sport, or who just likes seeing shows like this, I would totally recommend this. Coming from a skater, this show ROCKS!!
  • snap crackle and hilarous

    this is most funniest show on mtv, i only watch it on mtv online because i always miss it on tv, my favorite clip is the one where that guy snaps his ankle just for doing a lame front flip, my dad could not stop laughing when he saw that clip i mean he laughs at almost everthing on there but that ankle snap just kills him evertime, i saw a episode were a kid snaps his arm intwo that scared the crap out of me when i saw that, i just can't stand seeing bone sticking out like that, i hope they put this on dvd.
  • For them to even have so many people who have hurt themselves to make a complete season is just crazy all by itself.

    I don't enjoy seeing this show on TV, I try my best to not run into this show because I feel sorry for these people who share their injury stories and I don't want to watch because I feel their pain when they fall and these are not just jump up and land on your side falls, these falls are hurtful and terriable to watch. Definatly a boy's show, my siblings watch this show and I leave the room. I can't stomach the injuries at all, and it's sad that people can watch this show with them showing every detail of their injury even their scars and after scars. I don't think they should keep this show on tv it's makes me sick.
  • eww!! this show is gross!

    so I've never been a fan of Mtv but it seems this show is popular so I decided to see what the big deal was and man, I wish I didn't!! This is like an Mtv ER its disgusting!!How do you watch it!?Mtv is my absolute least favorite channel ever and this is one of the many reasons why. I don't know if this show will last and honestly I don't really care, its nasty and strange. Mtv has never really amazed me with any of there shows and tis one is no different. Overall I would give it an F+.
  • very amusing!

    My sis and i laugh our heads off at idiotic stunts these guys perform, but we admire they courge. This show first caught my eye when i saw the promo for it on mtv, and i then my sister. After our first ep. we just went silent, then started laughing like crazy, plus the music is soo great. Me and my sis have a little name for the host, lol, it's 'fake poser blue cakadoo mohawk head guy' yeah, can't put all of it in there because of the language, lol. I'm all happy for season two, now, eep!. hehe, but i still watch and i still laugh whenever a guy slits his leg open, or crakes a bone, lol. 'dude look at my arm!' lol, good quote.
  • Idiots fall... Idiots watch idiots fall.

    This show is ridiculous. First of all, it's dumb kids falling down, and getting hurt. MTV has made money off of this in the past with shows like Jackass and Viva La Bam, but with this show they took out any semblance of intelligence, added about 3 minutes of pointless waiting time per clip, and gave the show a totally annoying D-Bag of a host. Not a good show. Not even entertaining on the sheer gross factor because the build up takes way too long and kills any of the initial shock. This show just plain sucks, and I hope whoever keeps watching it is invloved in some accidents like on the show, and maybe it'll get taken off the air.
  • If you like seeing people being FUBAR'd - this is the show for you...

    The only reason I didnt rate this a 1, is that its marginally useful as a tool to show your kids as to hopefully have them avoid ending up like the people on this show.

    Basically, this show consists of selected people who happened to have videotapes of their own horrific injuries while, in general, doing monumentally stupid things. You get to hear bones snap, see shattered bones sticking out of human flesh, skin ripped off, legs and arms being folded in half... you get the idea. They show each clip at least a dozen times (snap, snap, snap, snap.... goes the bones!) And you get to hear idiots when told if they break an arm again, it will be amputated - so what does the guy do? Says "What can you do?" then roars off on his motorbike. With morons like this, no wonder health care premiums keep rising. Clowns like him should be put in a high risk pool and be forced to foot the bill for their own reckless behavior.

    What I cant figure out is the disclaimer says they wont open or view any videos of viewers who injure themselves. Okayyyyy. So how will they get new material for future episodes? Do they already have hundreds of bone crunching videos on the shelf? If so, where did they come from?
  • One of the few shows on television that makes me want to watch while making me want to change the channel.

    We've all been injured at some point in our lives. It's usually the result of a stupid decision or an accident you couldn't avoid but regardless we've all felt pain in some form or another. While we've all felt pain, few of us have felt anything close to the pain described on MTV's new show: Scarred.

    It's a simple enough concept: show user-generated content of scrapes and falls and see if the wow factor is enough to get viewers to stick around. It sure works for YouTube, right? And who better to talk about these bumps and bruises than the extreme sports stars themselves? Sounds simple enough to me anyway.

    Each show depicts five different horrifying stunts gone wrong and splices in interviews of those involved to stretch the five 10 second clips out to a full 22 minute show. Sprinkle in some rewind effects, a young, fresh host (Jacoby Shaddix), and some "where are they now" type recap and the show pretty much writes itself. This could be one of the cheapest production shows MTV has ever done, and they did Jackass! That says something.

    Overall I wouldn't say I love this show, but I can't say I hate it either. It's like a train accident. You know the feeling, where you can't wait to see if anyone's hurt but as soon as you see someone in pain you turn your head and keep on moving. Some people out there are already calling this the worst show on television but I can't agree with them. It's bad, true, but it's so bad that it's good. All I know is that I'll either be watching it until I puke or until they take it off the air, whichever comes first, and I sure hope it's the latter.