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  • Season 1
    • Larger Than Life Art: New York
      In this episode, writer David Keeps, participates in "The Big Draw" - an event that culls over 1,000 New York artists to contribute to a project at large.
    • A Taste of Vermont
      Writer David Keeps travels to Montpelier, Vermont, where he gets a firsthand look (and taste) at the making of the finest Vermont maple syrup.
    • Restore America: Pennsylvania
      Travel writer David Keeps heads to Pennsylvania where he meets a couple that is restoring a farmhouse built in the 1800's. Later, David checks out a laboratory devoted to restoring historical artifacts.
    • Art of the Desert
      Travel writer David Keeps heads to Joshua Tree to check a fast-growing contemporary art scene, a number of artist are migrating to the Mojave. He then explores some of the earliest pictographs from America
    • Northern California Lighthouses
      Lighthouses are a testament to 19th century architecture. David Keeps boats to Alcatraz and visits the island
    • Edward Weston
      Edward Weston
      Episode 2
      David Keeps delves into the myth behind David Weston. Then we'll explore the agricultural history of Salinas valley, where many of John Steinbeck's novels were set and visit the fields that inspired Grapes of Wrath.
    • Creative Gardens
      Creative Gardens
      Episode 1
      Travel writer David Keeps meets with Kerry Clasby, a food forager whom the hottest chefs rely on to find and obtain the best produce for their restaurants. Then, we meet citizen vigilantes who garden at night to beautify the city with landscape art.