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I have 26 lost episodes of this show on 16mm film

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    I have the only surviving copies of these 26 lost television episodes (except for THE MECHANICAL COOK which I saw on YouTube) on 16mm film in pristine condition The films are unscratched, probably never run through a projector Stars in Action is the Schlitz Playhouse of Stars repackaged by CBS for the 1958 season They're listed below with episode, cast and original air date If you would like to purchase any of these films please contact me, Scott Kaplan, by email at or by phone at 347 356 6983

    **Stars in Action(CBS)**
    ARGONAUTS, THE John Alderson, Ashley Cowan, James Logan, Robert Newton, Jeanette Nolan, Barbara Self, Reginald Singh 1955-05-27
    BANDITS HIDEOUT Eduard Franz, Anthony Quinn, Gloria Saunders, Joseph Waring 1955-01-07
    COOL ONE, THE John Banner, Morris Odvarka, Paul Birch, Paul Langton, Landry, Tom London, Alonzo Cooper, Stephen McNally, Tom Novak, Hildy Parks, Trina Odvarka, Phil Tead 1955-01-07
    DAY OF THE GOOD NEWS Cecil Kellaway 1954-12-14
    DUMBEST MAN IN THE ARMY William Boyett, Neville Brand, Russ Conway, Donald Murphy 1954-12-31
    FEDAR John Doucette, Scott Forbes, Toni Gerry, Ian Keith, Mike Mazurki, Jon Shepodd 1955-03-04
    LAST PILOT SCHOONER King Donovan, Robert Foulk, John Hoyt, Dayton Lummis, Marshall Thompson, Minor Watson 1955-02-04
    LOG THE MAN INNOCENT Dan O'Herlihy 1955-03-25
    MAN OUT OF THE RAIN Skip Homeier, Allene Roberts, Phyllis Thaxter, Ray Walker 1955-01-14
    MECHANICAL COOK, THE William Bendix, Audrey Totter, Harry Tyler 1956-07-06
    MEET MR. JUSTICE John Baer, Joe E. Brown, Kathleen Crowley, Jonathan Hale, Nancy Kulp 1955-07-15
    MR EARS Walter Brennan, John Damler, William Kerwin, Hanna Landy, Tommy Rettig 1955-04-08
    MR. SCHOOLMARM Martin Milner, Will Rogers Jr. 1955-02-11
    MULE FOR SANTA FE Karin Booth, Will Rogers Jr., Stephen Wootton 1955-06-17
    MURDER IN PARADISE Steven Geray , John Ireland 1955-01-28
    MURDER MYSTERY Bruce Bennett, Frances Rafferty, Christopher Dark, Byron Foulger, Gilbert Fallman 1954-11-26
    O'BRIAN Lillian Bronson, Dan Duryea, Margaret Field, Virginia Lee 1955-04-15
    RIDE TO THE WEST Ray Bennett, William Bishop, John Doucette, Jack Elam, Scott Elliott, Don C. Harvey, John Ireland, James Millican, Hank Patterson, Lee Van Cleef, Arleen Whelan 1955-03-18
    SPANGAL ISLAND Arthur Franz 1954-12-10
    TWO-BIT GANGSTER Barton MacLane, Addison Richards, Richard Tyler, Robert J. Wilke, Keenan Wynn 1955-10-15
    UNDERGROUND Norman Keats, Paul Kelly, John Lupton, James Mason, Peggy O'Conner, Walter Reed, Dennis Weaver, Robert J. Wilke 1955-1-21
    VISIBILITY ZERO Dean Jagger, Barry Kelley 1955-07-22
    VISITOR IN THE NIGHT, A Ellen Drew, Dorothy Green, Willard Parker, Pierre Watkin 1955-03-11
    VOLTURIO INVESTIGATES Edward Ashley, Melville Cooper, John Dehner, Edward Ashley, Basil Rathbone 1954-12-03
    WAY TO FREEDOM, THE Patric Knowles, Queenie Leonard, Jack Raine, Robert Warwick, Rhys Williams 1955-02-18
    WOMAN EXPERT Malcolm Atterbury, Richard Bartell, Howard Duff, Roy Engel, Douglas Evans, Nancy Gates, Gayle Kellogg, Gertrude Michael 1954-12-17

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