Schnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show

Toon Disney (ended 1995)


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  • Give it some love!

    All right, all you guys, I know this is coming to you as a shock, but I have just one thing to say: I love "The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show"!

    To all you "Ren and Stimpy" fans: I know it might be a "Ren and Stimpy" rip-off, but it's a VERY underrated Disney TV show, right now, and I'm spreading the awareness of it, since I'm in the process of uploading "Shnookums and Meat" episodes on YouTube. I'm a "Ren and Stimpy" fan, but these two and other shows have a similar plot-line to this, "Cow and Chicken", "Timon and Pumbaa", "CatDog", etc, and that's okay.

    To those who don't know it like I do: I'm ashamed of all of you! Where did you learn how to create this page: in a run-down computer shop? Look at this: the summaries for all of the characters and episodes don't make sense; there are a LOT of grammar and spelling errors; it didn't have three seasons; it had ONE; the new "Shnookums and Meat" segments came first, while the original five "Shnookums and Meat" segments were shown on "Marsupilami" and then were shown in episodes #8-#12.

    To all of you who DO know it like I do: Peeps, this show needs help to exist, and like I said, I'm uploading them onto YouTube, and I'm also making a "One Crazy Road Trip" trilogy based on the cartoon show and others on Fan and Deviantart. So, you should write some fan fiction stories and fan art of "Shnookums and Meat" as well, just like some other fans like you.

    To the first two groups: Why don't you give it a chance? Look them up on YouTube, watch some of them, be surprised, and tell me what you think soon. Now, I'm gonna give this a page a makeover. TTFN!
  • Needs a daily fix on this R&S clone even though it's as good as both R&S and 2 Stupid Dogs. Read.

    Apparently, this show may cause Ren & Stimpy and 2 Stupid Dogs look cooler. And that is NOT a bad thing. This show along with these shows rock!

    One of the grinds I have this this, it was criticized by R&S-fanboys out there.

    Some Fanboy: WHAT THE?!?

    That's right. And it feels like hell as a R&S-clone. Even that, or I might be a Japanese Iron Man with the blahs for both Zorak and Moltar.

    Japanese Iron Man: HAHAHA.

    Zorak: Blahbitty Blah Blah!

    Moltar: Blahbitty Blah!

    Sure there is some flaws and criticisms out there, but hey, you know what'll cheer you up? The animation. OH YEAH! The animation. Oh, and the slapstick jokes we've seen in the 1990's era.

    Overall: A good R&S-clone for us to watch even if we're bored.

    Toonsy: This is boring! Toonsday rocks!

    Oh god. Okay, that's my review.
  • A very Ren & Stimpy rip-off and TOTALLY BAD!

    If like me, you think the current cartoon shows too overatted, grossious and just created for entertain without thoughtful, i suggest Schnookums & Meat. A life with a orange cat and a blue dog pass their days to fighting and bikking. Seriously, the plot don't walk and the characters are none developpement. Same Pif and Hercule, a another cat-and-dog buddies, are most enjoyed