Schnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show - Season 1

Toon Disney (ended 1995)


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Episode Guide

  • Jingle Bells, Something Smells /Dark Quest of Darkness/Hey Careful! That's My Cerebellum
    Jingle Bells, Something Smells: Schnookums want to provided to Meat that Santa exists! Unfortunately, they accidentally injure Santa Claus and end up taking his place. Dark Quest of Darkness: Pith Possum's Grandma Pearl drops in to visit. Though she manages to defeat some enemies singlehanded, she brings hardship to Pith Possum and Obediah. Hey Careful! That's My Cerebellum: Tex is able to save everyone from hurtling into the sun. Unfortunately, the Wrong Riders get the drop on Tex and leave him and Chafe for the Polite Coyotes to devour.moreless
  • Something Fishy/Return of the Dark Mask of Phantom Blackness/My Spine Hurts
    Something Fishy: The guys gone fishing. Meat becames best friend with the fish he only caught. And Schnookums want to eat it! Return of the Dark Mask of Phantom Blackness: Dr. Paul Bunion enlarges a lizard to giant size in a plot to uproot the trees in Possum City. My Spine Hurts: Krusty faces his doom at the hands of the polite coyotes while Tex Tinstar and Chafe recover Here Boy.moreless
  • Night Of The Living Schnookums/Dark of the Darker Darkness/The Vinyl Frontier
    Night of the Living Schnookums: In this Halloween episode, Schookums is bitted by a vampire that controls zombies. Now, Schoonkums becomes evil and tries to rule the world of Dogs.

    Dark of the Darker Darkness: Pith Possum gets knocked in the head by his Cranium Crasher Mariachi Cannon and goes through various different personalities. This proves to be a problem when Supper Squirrel raids every food business.

    The Vinyl Frontier: Tex and Chafe catch up to the Wrong Riders as a meteor slams into both groups and sends the ground they are on towards the sun.moreless
  • I.Q. You Too!/The Light of Darkness/Slap-Happy Trails
    I.Q. You Too!: The guys go to school. They start to get problems with bullys, teachers, and grades. Definitely Grades!!!!!!!!!!!! The Light of Darkness: While at the annual superhero convention, Pith Possum and Obediah get no respect from the other superheroes. Slap-Happy Trails: Tex, Chafe, Krusty, and the Wrong Riders all set up their camps in the desert at night.moreless
  • Kung-Fu Kitty!/Son of the Cursed Black of Darkness/Saddlesore, Sagebrush, and Seaweed
    Kung-Fu Kitty!: Shnookums become a champson kung fu fighter. But he takes it a lttle too far! Son of the Cursed Black of Darkness: Super Water Buffalo stages his own crimes so that he can outdo Pith Possum. Saddlesore, Sagebrush, and Seaweed: Krusty steals the bank safe and gets away riding Here Boy.moreless
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