Schnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show - Season 3

Toon Disney (ended 1995)


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Episode Guide

  • Circus Life
    Circus Life
    Episode 5
    Meat is tired of pounding Schnookums and he runs to join the circus.
  • Send In The Clones
    Send In The Clones
    Episode 4
    A machine makes a old version of Schnookums and funny version of Shnookums. They makes clones of themselves. It's up to the regular Shnookums and Meat to the stop of Schnookums clones.
  • Dog Pound Rock
    Dog Pound Rock
    Episode 3
    Meat has been taken to pound. It's to Shnookums to get him out!
  • What a Turkey!/Light or Dark Meat/There are Spiders All Over Me
    What a Turkey: In this book called "Thankgiving In Spring," It's Shnookums's turn catch a turkey for Thankgiving. But he has trouble with it. Light or Dark Meat: Pith Possum and Obediah take a vacation cruise on the S.S. Gasbubble unaware that the captain is actually Dr. Paul Bunion in disguise. There are Spiders All Over Me: Percy Lacedaisy inadvertedly saves Tex and Chafe from the polite coyotes enabling them to take on the Wrong Riders one last time.moreless
  • Step-Ladder To Heaven/Bride of Darkness/The Magnificent Eleven
    Step-Ladder to Heaven: Schnookums and Meat end up hit by a truck and end up in the afterlife. There, they face a tough interviewer who will decide if they will be sent to Heaven or the "Hot Place." Bride of Darkness: Shirley Pimple plots to use her giant termites to attack the bug-hating Possum City. The Magnificent Eleven: Wrongo gets the drop on Tex and ties him to a shipwreck in a bathtub for the sharks to eat.moreless