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School Days

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School Days - Romance, Drama, Slice of Life (May contain extreme graphic violence, sex, and adult themes)... Makoto Ito finds himself falling in love with a girl that shares the train ride to school with him every morning. In an effort to get Kotonoha to notice him Makoto conspires with a female friend of his, Sekai so she can help him meet her. Sekai agrees to help Makoto only because she is in love with him, but does not reveal her secret to Makoto... Opening Themes: "Innocent Blue" by DeviceHigh Ending Themes: #1: "Usotsuki" by CooRie #2: "Ai no kakera" by Miyuki Hashimoto #3: "Waltz" by Kanako Itou #4: "Kioku no Umi" by yozuca* #5: "Look at me" by YURIA #6: "Anata ga...Inai -Remix Version" by Minami Kuribayashi #7: "Namida no Riyuu" by Kuribayashi Minami
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  • The ultimate anime to troll your friends with

    School Days is a high-school romance anime about a guy named Makoto, who is instantly smitten by a shy girl on the way to school. Wanting to start a relationship with her, he consults Sekai, his close friend, for advice. She becomes his dating coach, helping him to get the girl of her dreams. Little does Makoto know that Sekai is also in love with him, leading into a love triangle.

    You may be considering watching this anime for the romance and great plot. DO NOT. The plot is cheesy and generic, the characters are unlikable and one dimensional, and it is based off an eroge game. There is not much that will make your heart sway.

    So why did I give this series an 8/10? Well, despite the flaws I have described above, it is worth a watch. The plot takes a sudden turn towards chaos and horror near the end, and ends in a unique and amazing way. Despite the long drag, the ending will pay off for romance haters. If it wasn't for the ending, this would have been a 2/10 anime, so you can thank the ending for boosting it up from an F to an A-. And once you are done watching this anime, go show it to your friends who seek romance stories, and don't tell them about the ending (Don't do it to mentally unstable or sensitive people, though). The best part about this is that it is legally available online for free on Crunchyroll, from beginning to end.

    In essence, School Days is like an extended shock site, except unlike the generic ones which are outright blatant and in your face the second (or within 60 seconds) you see it, this one is so prolonged and spread out that it will shock even the most suspecting victims.


    School Days is the ultimate troll anime. It starts off as somewhat innocent and light hearted, only to degenerate into utter chaos and horror. The storyline itself isn't actually good and is full of cliches, but the end truly pays off for any sadist tired of romance fiction. If you want to give someone an extended prank, School Days is for you.moreless
  • Worst show i have ever seen in my life

    I recommend that nobody watch dis show... it is the worst show i have ever seen in my life... it cant really get worse dan that (spoiler) the ending sucks, i have seen shows where in the end the main character dies and stuff but no, the way that these people die and go crazy in the end is horrible, i had the chance to undue watching dis show i would have... it is extremely psycological and i could handle psycological at the level of death note but this anime was so damn bad i couldnt sleep in like a couple of nights... it kinds off teaches a story, but damn it is a story dat nobody would ever like to go through(worst ending i have ever seen a show have) i am never watching this show againmoreless
  • School Days

    Summary: The story is a love triangle that has gone out of this world.

    Plot: 10/10

    Characters: 10/10

    Voice Acting: 8.0/10

    Music: 8.5/10

    Overall: 9.0/10

    Opinion: Don't take my rating for characters the wrong way. I rated them that because they are done so brilliantly; if we look at how much I personally like them, it would have been closer to zero. As for the series itself: amazing. You really grow to hate nearly every character, and one of the things that's so interesting about the story is that it could possibly happen in real life. It also has one of the greatest endings ever.moreless
  • What the bloody hell was that? The manga was disturbing, but this anime made the characters unappealing and unlikable. Based on a video game and manga, School Days is a story of crulity, selfishness, betrayal, counter betrayal, and deception. Spoilersmoreless

    Wow. School Days was rather difficult for me to watch. At times crule, at times heart-wrentching, School Days was not as good as the manga, although the manga and anime have very different endings. I found the manga disturbing, but the anime was deplorible. The anime went into much greater detail of the little crulities and petty jealousies of high school romances and clicks. The anime paintd the characters in a much darker light. While I found that I could hint at empathy for the main characters in the manga, I had none at all for the same characters in the anime. The supporting characters were even more abhorant. The only difference I prefer in the manga/anime dichotomy is that in the anime, Makoto dies and is thankful for his death because of the complete and irridemable scumbag he had become. School Days has a roughly tragic love triange, school life, story line. The main three characters Makoto, Kotonoha, Sekai form a downward-spiril love triange of lies, betrayal, and emergent mental illness. Makoto has a distant crush on Kotonoha. Sekai helps them hook-up, but as soon as Makoto begins to taste happiness, Sekai begins to seduce him. Makoto cheats on Kotonoha, but refused to be honest and own-up, stringing her along until Kotonoha sinks into psychotic delusion. Sekai is now happy that she has Makoto to herself, but she doesn't realize what a total scumbag he is. Makoto then cheats on Sekia with her closest friends. Call it karma? Sekai suffers a series of betrayals errily similar to her own betrayal of her friend Kotonoha. The dialogue was intriguing at times and the story paints the alsolute nader of the psychosexual exerience of high school romance and jealousy.moreless
  • holy crap that was sick!!

    who would ever think that this common love story would turn into the boy being a womanizer and the girl to lie about being pregnant!! that is rediculous and wayy too much drama was brought out by too many people at only a 12 episode span of time they should of brought it out longer i would of reccomended a 20 ep length but everyone goes psycotic besides mokoto seki goes nuts konakona goes nuts theres just no flippin way to discribe this anime it was just so shocking that i couldent sleep after waqtching that anime i would give it a 7.1 for reasons stated above and the crazyness and stress the characters is so inhuman that im suprised that they survived even that longmoreless

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