School House Rock!

ABC (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • Season 6
    • I'm Gonna Send Your Vote to College
      A voting box works with cheerleaders to explain the US Electoral College to children in a song. This cartoon video explains how the president of the United States gets elected and how the US Constitution defines state electors. The cheerleaders also explain why the country's forefathers preferred the electorate over the popular vote.moreless
    • Money Rock. $7.50 Once a Week
      Viewers learn about the importance - and power - of budgeting. Kids and adults alike can learn how quickly money can be saved because of a mere $7.50 once a week, as well as how far money can actually go when you take the time to budget. This is part of School House Rock's 1990s revival.moreless
    • Money Rock. The Check's in the Mail
      A mailman sings to audiences about what happens after people write checks. This Schoolhouse Rock animated video starts with a scene of an adult paying his bills by sending a bank check in the mail. The episode then focuses on people who receive checks and how they go about cashing them at a bank.moreless
    • Money Rock. This for That
      Economics and the barer system take focus in this episode. A cartoon video carries children back in time, starting with a scene of cavemen trading food and segueing to farmers bartering their farm products in ancient Mesopotamia. The episode brings the examples full circle as it ends with its characters explaining the origin of paper money and foreign currencies.moreless
    • Money Rock. Walin' on Wall Street
      "Walkin' on Wall Street" gives kids a School House Rock guide to the stock exchange. Adults may get a quick, cute refresher on how the stock market really works with this episode's catchy songs and quick-moving animation. This episode is part of School House Rock's revival from the mid-1990s.
    • Money Rock. Tyrannosaurus Debt
      Money Rock. Tyrannosaurus Debt is the sixth episode in the sixth season of the childrens show School House Rock. This episode teaches children about the United States national debt through music. In the episode the national debt is portrayed as a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the issue featured in the episode is why the national debt continues to increase.moreless
    • Money Rock. Where the Money Goes
      An animated musical video portrays a father and son talking about income and expenses. A young boy wants to know why his parents can't take him to the Rose Bowl, and his father explains to his child about bills, taxes and mortgages. By the end of the episode, the child learns that cutting expenses leads to savings.moreless
    • Money Rock. Tax Man Max
      This episode is a soulfully written carton video that teaches children about filing income taxes and what branch of government collects taxes. The episode plays an Uncle Sam character that sings to Max, a young boy with questions on tax returns, April 15th, tax deductions and the IRS. Uncle Sam answers the boy's question in rhymes.moreless
    • Money Rock. Dollars and Sense
      In this Schoolhouse Rock episode, two animated characters sing to audiences about how people can borrow money from a bank. Becky-Sue wants to buy some musical instruments so she can become a country music star, but se doesn't have enough cash. She meets Mr. Banker, who invites her to his work to explain how borrowing and lending works.moreless
    • Grammar Rock. Busy Prepositions
      These tiny words showing direction or location get their chance to shine in this episode. Viewers see just how busy these little words can be as they are put to work throughout the episode. "Busy Prepositions" was actually packaged for School House Rock's return to ABC in 1993, in time for the show's 20th anniversary.moreless
    • Grammar Rock. The Tale of Mr. Morton
      Grammar Rock. The Tale of Mr. Morton is the debut episode of the sixth season of School House Rock, an education children's show. The episode originally aired on ABC in 1993, and is part of the Grammar Rock series. Through song, Jack Sheldon teaches children about grammar, particularly the relationship between subjects and predicates.moreless
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