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  • Clever Educational Bits

    Various ep (02-04)
  • One of my childhood favorites.

    When I was little, my parents got me VHS tapes of 'Schoolhouse Rock' and I really enjoyed watching them over and over again. It was one of my most favorite things to watch as a little kid. I love how they have music videos that teach about different things such as math, science, history, grammer and such. Some of the music videos are hilarious to watch and they are very entertaining for little kids. This is defenitly one of the top shows I recommand for kids of all ages. It's entertaining and it helps them learn more about what they need to learn about. I think this is a series that they should air on TV more so that more kids can see it and learn stuff. It's almost as good as 'Sesame Street'.
  • I grew up with this show and it's because of this very same show that I got so good with mathematics. I used to watch this show all of the time and if you want to teach your kids the easy way of Math watching School House Rock is the way to go.

    I'm like the human calculator on the block and it's all thanks to the best show that teaches kids the true and easy way of Math and that is School House Rock. If it weren't for this very show I would be an absolute idiot! (No Offense). I think this is a great show for both kids and adults because when I was young my mother and I sat down and watched this show all the time. This show is so entertaining to watch it's like watching The Pink Panther Cartoon Classics all over again. So I give this show and unquestionably 5 stars.
  • "I’m Just A Bill". That song still plays in my head when I'm watching our real lawmaker on one of the cable news channels. Of course the lawmakers aren’t as dimensional or lifelike as the cartoon characters.

    School House Rocked.

    The other day my wife Donna wanted to send some DVDs to her nephews (ages four and six). She thought that the Schoolhouse Rock series would be good gift. Donna called her sister and asked if she thought the boys might like a Schoolhouse Rock DVD. Donna's sister did not know what she was talking about. Donna said, "You know Conjunction Junction what’s your function?" How could someone who was a child living in the United States between the years 1973 and 1985 not know about School House Rock.

    My friend Zadra and her band "The Willies" sing a cover of "Interjections!". Governmental and lobbyist groups requested cassettes of "I'm Just A Bill" to learn how a bill becomes a law. I started thinking about how many times Schoolhouse Rock helped me out in school and beyond because by now I couldn't get "Conjunction Junction" out of my head.

    First there was "Multiplication Rock". My favorite was "Three Is A Magic Number". Those football players were very helpful in teaching me to multiply by 3. Sadly I found out that player # 30 died of brain cancer caused by steroid use.

    "Grammar Rock" was helpful in teaching me that "A Noun Is A Person, Place Or Thing", although I got distracted from the intended lesson when I saw a white Chubby Checker in the cartoon. "Interjections" was made more fun when we realized that profanity counted as an interjection. We would sing a dirtier version of the song on the playground.

    "America Rock" came out during the time of the Bicentennial and the timing could not be more perfect, in school we were given the assignment of memorizing the Preamble to the Constitution. We proudly told our teacher that we already knew it thanks to America Rock’s "The Preamble". My high school civics teacher skipped over how a bill becomes a law because we were all familiar with "I’m Just A Bill". That song still plays in my head when I'm watching our real lawmaker on one of the cable news channels. Of course the lawmakers aren’t as dimensional or lifelike as the cartoon characters.

    I wish "Science Rock" had done a song about the atom. That would been a big help in my high school science class.

    I was very fortunate. Sesame Street first aired when I was four years old. Schoolhouse Rock first aired when I was in elementary school. It's sad that I know more people who buy the Schoolhouse Rock DVD for themselves in the name of nostalgia than people who buy the Schoolhouse Rock DVD for their kids in the name of education. These songs have stood the test of time. I would hope that if there is no place for Schoolhouse Rock on broadcast TV then there would be a place on a cable channel like Nickelodeon or N O G G I N.

    To quote the girl at the end of Interjections, "DARN! That's the end!"

    Stay Tuned

    Tony Figueroa
  • Learning was never more catchy.

    This was a great, revolutionary, extremely influential show. It widely accepted that Grammar Rock was the show\'s pinnacle, which such sensational songs as \"Unpack Your Adjectives\", \"Verb: That\'s What\'s Happening\", and of course \"Conjunction Junction\". My personal preference is for America Rocks, with was admitedly more hit-or-miss, but gave us \"I\'m Just A Bill\", which to my knowledge is the only way anyone has ever learned how a bill becomes a law. For those of you who grew up without this delightful and education gem, my sincerest pity.

    I would like to state for the record that the song \"Preamble to the Constitution\" does not contain a verbatim recitation. The actual preamble begins \"We the people of the Unites States of America, in order to...\", but the song leaves out \"of the United States\". I acknowledge the difference and ask that anyone who reads this never address it again as it is entirely trifling and irrelevant.

    I would be remissed not to mention Multiplication Rock. It was never my favorite, however \"Three is a Magic Number\" is quite catchy, as are \"My Hero, Zero\" and \"Naughty Number Nine\". I\'ve always found \"Figure Eight\" greatly depressing. But, you know, in a good way.

    There are a great many songs I haven\'t mentioned. Namely, those focusing on the topic of science. All the science songs are rubbish. Including the computer-y ones. The show clearly fell off toward the end. Stick to Grammar, Multiplication, and America, and you\'ll be the better for it. That\'s just my opinion. But it\'s true.
  • SchoolHouse Rocks! is very educational show that gives lessons in History, math and grammar. Not only does it teach, it entertains with catchy songs that are revelant to subject being present.

    I loved this show when I was a kid, I watched it every Sat. morning! It helped me learn alot about grammar and math. Plus, the history lessons were fantastic! The catchy songs always stuck in my head and helped me remember stuff.
    They don\'t have shows like this anymore, as a teacher I would like to use these shows as a learning tool. Every child should have the opportunity to see these wonderful
    shows that educate as well as entertain children. Therefore, every teacher could use this learning tool as a
    catalyst for learning history, math and grammar. Thanks!
  • An cartoon that you learned from.

    I remember those Saturday Morning cartoons. Before Fox, before the WB. Cartoons were on the big 3. Yes I am talking about ABC, CBS, NBC. Each network had their own educational commerical break between cartoons. CBS had this thing called "In The News", while NBC had "One TO Grow On". But ABC had the best of them all called "Schoolhouse Rock!" This to me what helped alot of the kids of my generation learned about history, math, and english. There's nothing like it in our today's world. Kids of today don't know what fun is when we were kids of the 70's. Schoolhouse Rock was one of those shows that was very underappreciated and it was loved by my generation. In fact recently I've brought the Schoolhouse Rock dvd and showed it to the kids that I work with. Alot of them really like the songs and they learned from it.
  • Bring It Back!

    The way I learned the Preamble to the Constitution was through the song on this program. I still hum it to this day! These educational vignettes were the BEST "between cartoon" moments ever produced---"I'm Just a Bill", "Conjunction Junction", et al were hilarious, and also taught without you knowing you were being taught!
  • The only educational show that was fun

    It's educational but it has music and it features 4 catagories and the best one was Grammar Rock and some of the new songs are okay but I saw Scooter & Mr. Chips and it learned about the computer but didn't last long. And then went to the finale and was cancelled. The show got awards and there's a DVD which is the best to describe that includes fantastic songs I've never seened when I was born. This is overall a great educational show featuring those kinds of music and some of the shows would have to act like that but I don't expect Seasme Street or those that have music.
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