School of Comedy

Friday 10:30 PM on E4 Premiered Oct 02, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • School of Comedy is a witty enigmatic comedy. Throughly enjoyable deep belly laugh comedy along the same vein as Monty Python.

    School of Comedy is a witty enigmatic comedy. This show is fully loaded with moments of genius both written and in performance by these talented young comedians. Throughly enjoyable deep belly laugh comedy along the same vein as Monty Python. Not everyone will understand the mature display of humor and witty banter which is why this show is best viewed by audiences that are aware of and undestand adult idiosyncrasies. The young comedians protray adults in day to day adult situations. The eclectic presentation generates brillant comedic timing and excellent chemistry between these young comedians. I highly recommend this delightful and way too short to all that enjoy intellectual comedy with a bit of shtick thrown in for good measure.
  • Truly, truly awful!!!!

    Well I must say first of all I am a big fan generally of sketch shows. I love armstrong and milley, I adore that mitchell of webb look and I grew up with the Fast show. Due to this I was very much looking forward to the release of a brand new sketch show taking the whole sketch angle from a new slant by using all child actors. I must say I have now watched the three first episodes in their entirity in the hopes that it may improve. I have however been hugely disappointed. The writing is apalling. I think my lip may have quirked in vague amusement on one single occassion and it was so unmemorable I can't even remember at what. I found the humour relied heavily upon swear words and putting the children in adult situations to attempt to incite some measure of humour. It fails in epic scale. From the two 1920's lesbians to the incredibly irritating barmaid(and I mean all she did was annoy me), the characters are weak and annoying as opposed to funny. The only saving grace is that the acting is not all bad but in some cases it is still absolutely apalling and cringe-inducingly bad.

    All in all my eyes are still hurting from the abuse they have sustained watching this show. If you haven't seen it yet, trust me and don't bother.