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    [1]Oct 23, 2010
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    I found this episode, so much better than the first! The team concentrated more on getting the job done, than on the over the top antics, which made the episode much more fun to watch.

    I also liked that they touched on the "Teach For America" program, which helps get newly qualified teachers into hard to place/failing schools, in a effort to to turn those schools around.

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    @OP. Thanks for writing such a great review. I was at Walmart and saw a preview of this show, and it looked appealing so thanks for writing such a comprehensive overview of the episode/show. It is nice to see someone doing something about these schools instead of just shutting them down. I was totally unaware that kids were even going to school in conditions like the school they showed in the preview. Hopefully one day I can get the chance to volunteer to clean one of these places up just to be able to see the faces of the people when they see something to really be proud of.

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