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NBC (ended 2010)

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    In the premier episode of School Pride, the team goes to Compton, California, where they find, rats, roaches & a Principal with hoarding issues.

    They were a little loud and over the top in the beginning: overly dramatic music, forced teary testimony, etc. I cringed at their "Who's to blame for all of this" talk & bravado but as the show went on, glimpses of "reality" & humanity began to seep in. I'd like to see them calm down a little bit, so that the show doesn't feel so hokey & campy.

    I'm not sure how I feel about the product themed rooms - In this case it was the Microsoft Science & Technology lab, and the People Magazine Reading Room (Which made me ask, where's the library??), as well as the the Starter field (or locker room, I'm not sure); but these companies did donate supplies, so if a plaque on the door is all it takes to get their help, so be it.

    My favorite moments were the school/classroom reveals (of course), and the 6 month follow-up at the end of the episode.

    I like the premise of this show, and if handled correctly I think they can do a lot of good for many communities.

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    That Starter Brand donated sports equipment. Hundreds of basketballs, footballs, soccer balls were sent for the schools as well as hats and any apparel needed, however those scenes were cut out. We were excited to support School Pride as well as continue to support athletics throughout the country!

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