School Rumble

Season 1 Episode 5

Burning First Love!/Burning Tea Party!/Burning Softball Match!

Aired Unknown Nov 02, 2004 on TV Tokyo
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Burning First Love!: Harima tells Itoko, his cousin and a teacher at his school, about how he and Tenma first met and how he fell in love for her.

Burning Tea Party!: Since Yakumo has joined the Tea Club, Hanai hopes to get into the club as well. But first, he must pass a tea-tasting test.

Burning Softball Match!: Tenma's homeroom class decides to play a game of softball. Unfortunately, Tenma is terrible when it comes to sports.


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  • A very funny episode!

    This was such a hilarious episode! In the first part Harima spills his heart to his cousin Itoko about his feelings towards Tenma, not even knowing Tenma was right behind him. Tenma is so oblivious, that she didn't even recognize her own part in his story. I feel sorry for Harima now, though. In the second part Hanai had to prove himself to join the same club as Yakumo, and in the end he is accepted. In the last part the klass is playing softball, but Tenma is horrible at sports. Karasuma gives her a meaningful speech, (which turns out that Tenma's friend told him to motivate her) and after doing an awesome pose Tenma throws a fast ball right into Harima's face. So it was a very superb episode.moreless
  • Awesome!

    Yay, we got the story on how Harima began to like Tenma. What a cute, nice and still funny and wrong story. Well, it certainly changed my view on things. Oh, maybe we'll finally see some love between Tenma's sister and that Student Council President. At least I hope so, because even though he's obsessed with her. However, he didn't get accepted in the end anyway. How sad. Really, I'm honest!

    Besides, the baseball game was fun. Harima is really good. Actually, he's too good. Moreover, the same could be said about Tenma, when she just gets the confidence. Seriously, she used Harima's trick on himself. Furthermore, the direction the ball took just made me think: "Magic bullet, anyone? "moreless
Luci Christian

Luci Christian

Tenma Tsukamoto (Eng.)

Leah Clark

Leah Clark

Eri Sawachika (Eng.)

Trina Nishimura

Trina Nishimura

Akira Takano (Eng.)

Eric Vale

Eric Vale

Oji Karasuma (Eng.)

Caitlin Glass

Caitlin Glass

Yakumo Tsukamoto (Eng.)

Brina Palencia

Brina Palencia

Mikoto Suou (Eng.)

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    • Hanai: (towards Harima) Rehabilitating a delinquent... the power of sports is grand indeed.

    • Itoko: How far have you gotten with Tsukamato-san?
      Harima: (Spilling pepper everywhere) W-What are you asking all of a sudden? Hey! This pepper bottle has gone empty!
      Itoko: Don't hide, don't hide! I thought I should know as your guardian. I'm supporting you as a roomate at a comfortable condominium. I think I have the right to now.
      Harima: You're my cousin, and you're called Itoko. You've got such a misleading name.

    • Tenma: (crying; lying her head on Mikoto's chest) Why am I so inept?
      Mikoto: Well, don't get so depressed on my breasts.

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