School Rumble

Season 1 Episode 21

Hanai's Counterattack!/Karen's Flash!/Reunion with Onee-san!

Aired Unknown Feb 22, 2005 on TV Tokyo
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Episode Summary

Hanai's Counterattack!: Hanai returns from his training and learns that Harima Kenji has just saved two girls from a gang. Hanai rushes to where Harima was last seen. He finds that an entire gang has been beaten up, but it was not Harima Kenji who did it. Instead, it was.. Harry McKenzie?

Karen's Flash!: Lala decides to have lunch with Ichijou, but things go bad when Imadori starts provoking Lala. Also, class 2-D's Harry McKenzie and Tougou Masakazu challenge class 2-C at the upcoming Sports Festival.

Reunion with Onee-san!: Harima is too embarassed about his baldness to go back to class. So, he decides to go sleep in the school's infirmary. But, word is that there is a new school nurse, and it happens to be Harima's Onee-san, Anegasaki Tae!

Extra Story: 2-C's teacher Tani-sensei gets cookies as a gift from Tae. He decides to save the cookies for later. However, 2-D's teacher Katou-sensei ate Tani-sensei's cookies. This means war!


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    Hiroki Yasumoto

    Hiroki Yasumoto

    Tougou Masakazu

    Guest Star

    Nobuyuki Hiyama

    Nobuyuki Hiyama

    Harry MacKenzie

    Guest Star

    Hiroyuki Yoshino

    Hiroyuki Yoshino

    Fuyuki Takeichi

    Recurring Role

    Daisuke Kishio

    Daisuke Kishio

    Imadori Kyousuke

    Recurring Role

    Yuuka Nanri

    Yuuka Nanri

    Ichijou Karen

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • The name of the adult who was roaming the hallways with a kendo sword is named Goriyama. He is also Ichijou's wrestling coach.

      • Imadori sings a little bit of the Hatenkou Robo Dojibiron theme song in this episode. He does it after Ichijou stopped Lala from stabbing him with a fork.

      • Although Yoshidayama did appear in past episodes, he actually didn't have any lines at all. In this episode, however, Yoshidayama has some dialogue.

      • During the beginning scene of the extra story, there is a shot of Harima in the past with two boys lying on the ground. One of those boys looks suspiciously like Kurosaki Ichigo from the anime, Bleach.

    • QUOTES (5)

      • Tougou: "You really are a wild horse just like the rumors say, you know that?"

        Lala: "Hmph. They're just a bunch of gutless big mouths."

        Harry (shows Lala her arm): "Even with this?"

        Lala: "What? What is this hand mark? I see. Heh heh. I look forward to competing against you in the Sports Festival, Miko-chin!"

        Harry (points at Lala's shirt): "There's more."

        Lala: "What? Banana?!"

        [Scene cuts to Imadori on the floor with three boys surrounding him. Taps is played in the background.]

        Imadori: "I-I am not... going to... make it... sir."

        Nishimoto: "What's her size?"

        Imadori (raises his right hand and starts groping): "Same... as... M-Miko-chin."

        Nishimoto: "Well done, soldier."

        Fuyuki: "You are the man."

      • Yoshidayama: Hey, guys! I heard they got a new nurse today! And furthermore, a really hot one!
        Nishimoto: (covered in bandages) We already knew!
        Yoshidayama: What? So early in the morning? And what's with those bandages?
        Nishimoto: Hmph. It's obvious. An injured person, most certainly, must go to the infirmary.
        Yoshidayama: Are you telling me... that you hurt yourself on purpose to go there?!
        Nishimoto: I have no regrets. Because this is our way of life!
        Boys: Ohh!

      • Hanai: "Hey, you two. Cut-"

        Harry: "Cut it out, you two."

        Hanai: "Agh! Harry MacKenzie! He's in our school? He took my line, and on top of that, he creates this imposing presence?!"

        Harry: "Hmm, aren't you.."

        [Hanai backs off]

        Tougou: "Do you know him, Harry?"

        Harry: "Hmph. Something like that."

        Tougou: "It seems we have all been destined to cross each others' path. This is interesting." [walks to the front of the class] "I, class rep of 2-D, Tougou Masakazu, propose to you all: let the class of 2-D and the class of 2-C settle this quarrel at the Sports Festival! What say you?"

        Hanai: "He said it! He took my line again! I was going to say that, too!"

        Class 2-C: "What? Huh? Heck, no! Are you serious?!"

      • Lala: "Hmph, whichever country you're in, there'll always be... bums and hussies!"

        Ichijou: "L-Lala-san?"

        Mikoto: "Hussy?"

        Lala: "My father was in a mess because of a woman. So when I see trashy people, I get annoyed." [Lala crushes an apple with one hand] "Wanna fight?"

        Mikoto: "Not really."

        Imadori: "Wait a minute. I can do that, too!" [Imadori crushes a banana with one hand]

        [Lala's face grows dark as Imadori chuckles. She then grabs Imadori's head and holds him in mid-air]

        Boy 1: "Oh, the Iron Claw!"

        Boy 2: "Awesome power."

      • Hanai: Stop right there, Harima Kenji!
        Harry: You pronounced it wrong. My name is Harry McKenzie.
        Hanai: (nose bleeds) Who?

    • NOTES (8)

    • ALLUSIONS (6)

      • Hanai's training is much akin to a scene from The Drunken Master, starring Jackie Chan.

      • Hanai's Counterattack!: Gundam Parody
        The title of this short is a spoof on the title of a Gundam movie.

        Spoof: Hanai's Counterattack! (Gyakushuu no Hanai!)
        Real: Char's Counterattack (Gyakushuu no Char)

        Char's Counterattack is a famous movie set after the original Gundam series.

      • Karen's Flash!: Gundam Parody
        The title of this short is a spoof on a Gundam title.

        Spoof: Karen's Flash! (Senkou no Karen!)
        Real: Hathaway's Flash (Senkou no Hasauei)

        Hathaway's Flash is a set of novels that depict stories after the events of the Gundam movie, Char's Counterattack.

      • Reunion with Onee-san!: Gundam Parody
        The title for this short is a spoof on a Gundam title.

        Spoof: Reunion with Onee-san! (Saikai, Onee-san!)
        Real: Reunion with Mother (Saikai, Kaa-san)

        Reunion with Mother is the title for the 13th episode of the first Gundam series.

      • Tougou: Gundam parody
        Tougou's hairstyle is exactly the same as Gundam character Anavel Gatou, except Tougou has black hair.

      • Harry McKenzie: Gundam Parody
        Harry McKenzie is like a parody on Gundam character Char (a.k.a. Quattro Bageena). Harry and Char both wear sunglasses and red jackets. Also, on Harry's yellow bike, it has the kanji character "Hyaku" (it means "hundred), much like how "Hyaku" is written on Char's yellow Hyakushiki mobile suit.

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