School Rumble

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Unknown May 28, 2006 on TV Tokyo
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Pass!: Tawaraya Satsuki's shooting is getting worse and worse, and the problem may be linked with Asou. Later, at one practice, Satsuki doesn't show up at all, and what a bad time too, because a new team called the Outlaws, composed of Tougou, Harima, Imadori, Tenma, and (oddly) Yakumo, has appeared and challenges Mikoto and company to a basketball game to see who will be the regulars!

Dribble!: The game commences, and the Outlaws take a commanding lead. But with the return of Satsuki, the Outlaws' secret killer technique, and a sudden player change, there's no telling what the outcome of the game is!

Shoot!: Everyone eats dinner at Asou's Chinese restaurant, where the girls try to convince Mikoto to keep playing basketball with them and where Tougou offers Tenma to join Class 2-D.

Epilogue: When it's closing time at Asou's restaurant, Mikoto happily walks home, where she finds an eccentric Hanai ready for the next basketball practice (since he heard that Yakumo picked up the game).moreless

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    • Asou: The thing is, I've been thinking about it a lot myself. And I feel bad if we are both going to be indecisive about it. I want you to tell me truthfully. What do you think of me?
      Satsuki: Huh? D-Does that mean...? Eh? Eh?!
      Asou: If I'm not good enough, then I don't really mind, but-
      Satsuki: That's not true at all! I... I... like you very much!
      Asou: Huh? Er, I was asking you how you think of me as a coach...
      Satsuki: Huh?! (blushes, then runs away) I-I-I'm terribly sorry!
      Asou: Hey!

    • Hanai: (in a basketball uniform; quickly dribbling a ball; sweating) S-Suou! I heard Yakumo-kun has picked up basketball! Don't be a stranger! When is the next practice?!

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