School Rumble

Season 1 Episode 10

Please God!/Please! Real Animal Fortune Telling!/Please! Tenma-chan!

Aired Unknown Dec 07, 2004 on TV Tokyo



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    • Harima got his letter of resignation mixed up with his love letter for Tenma, which means that Tenma got his resignation letter and 2-C's teacher...

    • Harima finally decides to return back to his apartment.

    • First review for this episode:

      Onee-san, Harima is freeloading at her place.

      Tenma and Karasuma, on curry date?

    • Second review for this episode:

      Nara Kentarou, was originally the main character

      Karasuma and Tenma, meet again on a rainy day

      Harima - finally back at school, feels like Dostoyevski

    • The song that plays during the scene between Harima and Tenma at school is called "Kun he ~Kaze ni Nosete~", which, when translated, means "To You ~Carried by the Wind~". The song happens to be sung by Harima's voice actor, Takahashi Hiroki.

      The song has been played in the background in previous episodes, but this episode is the first time in which the lyrics are heard.

    • Harima accidently said "I love you" to Eri. Tae comes and busts Harima out of that predicament by pretending to be his girlfriend. However, the relationship between Eri and Harima becomes very rocky.

    • Harima befriends many animals.

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