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  • school rumber

    school rumble one of the best anime ever
  • Light-hearted and full of comedic confusion, School Rumble is the ideal antidote to winter weather blues. It's impossible not to feel sympathy with Kenji Harima as he stumbles his way through the minefield of falling in love for the first time.

    It's summer break – and time to hit the beach!

    Well, I realize that it's winter over here in the UK and, as I write this review, it's cold, dreary and grey… but at Yagami High, school's out and the guys and gals of Class 2-C are soaking up the rays, first at the Water Park, then heading off for a trip to the beach. Of course Harima is desperate to go too to be close to his adored Tenma, but due to his intimidating aura, he's not exactly the gang's number one choice. Another classmate, Nara, is also keen on Tenma and planning to use the trip to get closer to her too. Exactly how Harima gets to tag along – and what comes of his and Nara's rivalry over Tenma, results in some amusing moments.

    One of the delights of 'School Rumble' is watching how class delinquent Harima's tough guy act crumbles every time he finds himself in the presence of the object of his frustrated affections: the sweet-natured but utterly air-headed Tenma Tsukamoto. And she, bless her, has no idea that he is in love with her; oh no, quite the contrary – she is convinced that he has fallen for their classmate Mikoto. She even goes so far, out of the goodness of her heart, to coach him to declare his love, utterly unaware as he stutters through the role play session, unable to say the three simple words, "I love you," that she is the one who's making him so tongue-tied. It hasn't helped that earlier on, blonde Eri has inadvertently walked in on Harima just as he's finished exercising in the buff and is searching for his swimming trunks. Does he swiftly cover himself up or retreat hastily into the bathroom? No; this is Harima. His brain doesn't work that logically. As she starts to scream, he panics. He gets her in an armlock, covers her mouth with his hand, and whispers menacingly in that gravelly voice of his, "You keep quiet." But it's not just Harima who's unable to confess to the girl he loves. Upstanding class rep Hanai has fallen for Tsukamoto's younger sister Yakomo, but is constantly frustrated in his efforts to get closer to her. However, his childhood friend and fellow martial arts enthusiast is Mikoto, and there is a delightful character-revealing section looking back at their friendship when they were in elementary school. But block your ears if you can't stand the sound of descant recorder practice!

    In episode 14 , the Tsukamoto sisters are waiting for the engineer to turn up and fix the AC on a boiling hot day. Tenma is studying with her girlfriends and Eri, still disturbed by her unexpected encounter with Harima, asks her if she's ever seen a man's body. Tenma, being who she is, has no idea what Eri is referring to and blithely replies, "I've seen men's bodies – hasn't everyone already?" Of course, what she is innocently thinking of is seeing wrestlers at a live match…but Eri has no idea and assumes otherwise, leading to yet more misunderstandings. And when the engineer turns up to mend the AC, who should his part-time assistant be but…Harima? The US dub continues to work extremely well, with Luci Christian capturing Tenma's sweet yet off-the-wall nature perfectly. And if the odd line here and there has been changed to make the script funnier (and more accessible) for a Western audience, it really doesn't matter; what the script editors have captured is the spirit of 'School Rumble'. And, echoing the manga (which develops the story in short, bite-sized chapters,) there are plenty of little extras to keep the viewer amused.
  • School Rumble isn't a mind breaking anime, but it´s truly fun to watch.

    School Rumble isn't a mind breaking anime, but it´s truly fun to watch.
    It´s a comedy anime which uses love as its motivation to the jokes. Each episode is composed from three smaller episodes, but they are united togeher by the episode plot. Sometimes more sometimes less.
    This is the first comedy/romance anime that I watched, and before it my impression of the genre was very weak. Thankfully School Rumble doesn't let me down. There are good characters, some really great like Harima and Tenma, and some just OK.
    The animation isn't special, but it's good. The music is fair.

    Final Comment: Great to watch when you want to laugh, but nothing really amazing or memorable.
  • A hilarious show based off a hilarious manga.

    The anime adaptation of School Rumble is every bit as funny as the manga. A story of revolving around high school students Tenma Tsukamoto, Yakumo Tsukamoto, Kenji Harima, Eri Sawachika and their fellow classmates in Yagami High School. They do their best to try to get the affection of the one they love but misunderstandings makes it so that it almost always ends up putting them into hilarious situations. Although some of the play on words used in the Japanese version of the anime is lost, such as the when Harima says that "Itoko is my Itoko" in which Harima was actually trying to say that Itoko Osakabe was his cousin and the word "Itoko" in Japanese means cousin, the translation still remains solid for much of the show.
  • Classic anime, with word puns and scenes that will chuckle at hours later.

    Seriously, I haven't found an anime I have enjoyed as much as School Rumble. EVER. It is my first comedy-romance anime, however, and my impression of the genre is very high.

    Lets glance at the plot: Basically, it starts out with Harima loves Temna, and Temna is too dense to notice. Temna loves Karasuma, and Karasuma is too dense to notice. Everything just gets ridiclous and you laugh your ass off. At the very end, reading the last chapter with a satisfied grin, I felt like this anime really touched me the most. Although it is COMEDY, it still is romance. I really don't want to tell much more, for all of this massive plot must be unwrapped by only you, the reader. By the way, this anime/manga has large number of characters and relationships, meaning a lot of side plots too.
  • I love this show, even though it does get a bit overly crazy.

    Personally I think this is one of the best anime comedies ever made by humans. This show is about Tenma Tsukamoto, a goofy 16 year old girl who has a crush on Oji Kurasama, a quiet boy who does not see the love in Tenma's heart. He just like her rice balls. Kenji Harima, a tough street guy loves Tenma, and has a hard time telling his feelings to Tenma in person. The humor in this show is absolutely hilarious!!! All of the funny moments will keep you laughing throughout the day. One of my favorite moments was when Harima was naked in the hotel room, and Eri comes in to get sunblock from her bag. When Eri sees Harima naked, she completely freaks out!! That part in my mind was really funny! The dialog in this show is good. The love words, and gooey gooey moments will keep you hooked on the series. The music in this show is awesome! I like the opening theme "Scramble", it just makes you want to sing with it. Overall, hilarious show, really hilarious humor, solid dialog, awesome music, cute, lovable characters. I would recommend this show to anyone who loves comedy, and anime.
  • I love this Anime! Tenma+Harime=

    This show is so cute. It is mainly about a girl named Tenma Tsukamoto. She is a second grade high school student who lets say is not that bright, who has a crsh on Karasuma Oji .Harima Kenji, a delinquent who is hopelessly in love with Tenma. In which he develops a realationsip with, along side with one of her friends, Eri Sawachika and younger sister Yakumo Tsukamoto. In which both developed a crush on him. Overall this is a really good show that has comedy and romance. It can be perverted at times and dumb but it is so good you'd be crying xD
  • Funny

    School Rumble is a classic romantic comedy that certainly isn't breaking new ground with its main unrequited love triangle premise. But it does have moments where it is quite funny, so who cares about plot, right?

    Tenma Tsukamoto, a second year high school student, learns that her crush, Karasuma, is in her class this year. Why this girl has fallen for Karasuma is beyond me, since he seems to have zero personality and is completely oblivious to any of her advances. Rounding out the love triangle is Harima Kenji, a school delinquent whom half the class is frightened of. He credits his love for Tenma for saving him from his dark path.

    So far, all episodes have focused on how Tenma might confess her love to Karasuma, and how Harima might confess his love to Tenma, whom he doesn't realize loves another man. The episodes border on stupid/silly to blatantly hysterical.

    Episode 3, for instance, had me cracking up the entire episode - especially when Tenma decides to declare her love to Karasuma using a message delivery technique she saw from her favorite samurai tv show. She'll send it by bow and arrow, and spends most of the day chasing Karasuma around with a bow and arrow, shooting at him. Completely oblivious, Karasuma dodges all arrows and continues on his way, while Harima finds himself a seeming target and does some matrix-style arrow dodging complete with camera spin to narrowly escape. The episode then culminates with Tenma and her friends discussing various (absurd) techniques for confessing their love!

    Each episode tends towards 3 seemingly unrelated vignettes (similar to Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu style) revolving around some trial Tenma or Harima faces in their quest to confess their love.
  • my freinds hate it but i LOVE IT!

    the story of a scatterbrained girl is a interesting one but you get lost somewhere near the ending theres just so much to laugh at that your eyes may water you learn about different things than other traditional anime but i think that they pushed it too far by saying the love interest was a alien that really sent me for a trip i did not get it because he said he was leaving and yet he stayed until the final episode and actually did the ending credits also but that girl is way too scatterbrained it gives it a bit of fiction to it because that is a rare case if someone was actually that scatterbrained
  • School rumble is a story about two sisters, well at least a story about the older on of the Tsukamato sisters.

    This show is outrageous, in good ways and bad ways, but the good ways outshine the bad ones. The weak point in this outrageous is the story, it's not bad but it could be better. Al tho lovely characters compensate this. The story is about a one side love affair from several ways. This leads to Hilarius jokes and really good puns. overall school rumble is well drawn and have a really good character line up, id only wish a Little more from the plot than they did.

    Pluses: Nicely drawn, good music, great characters.
    Cons: Sometimes you wish a Little more out of the plot.

    I recommend School rumble to any one who like School themed anime and a bit silly-er love story's.
  • great manga

    School Rumble is a great manga to read and animation to watch. I was introduced to the show recently, and ever since then, I've been downloading episodes from veoh, and buying all the mangas. This is a great show for non-stop comedy and a great manga to read. So I rate this show a ten out of ten for it's excellence.
  • one of the best comedys ever made

    The story is based on a love comedy if you dont know,the main characters are Tenma Tsukamoto, Kenji Harima, Ôji Karasuma, Eri Sawachika, Yakumo Tsukamoto, Mikoto Suô, Akira Takano and Haruki Hanai, those are the characters that the story mostly follows around. It about Tenma who is in love with Karasuma(he looks funny and has a bowl cut hair style) and with Harima in love with Tenma and Karauma is some type of alien lol. As they try to confess there love to one another things keep happing that pervent them n it's always something funny, it drags on to the second season to the last episodes and now i have to wait for it to come out but over all, the show is great for family and for kids and adults all age i'd recommend this show to anyone and thats why i give it a 10 outa 10
  • Review

    Tsukamoto Tenma was a second grader of high school. Like other girls, she also fell in love with a man. But she couldn't confess her love to the man, Karasumaru, who was her classmate. In these days, she happened to know that Karasumaru would move next year. With the help of her little sister, Yakumo, and her friends, she tried to confess her love by disguising herself as a nurse or shooting allow with a love letter.

    On the other hand, she was loved by Harima Kenji, he was delinquent by the way, but she didn't notice his love, then he was depressed everyday. To make the matter worse, he saw Tenma and Karasumaru having lunch together, and he played truant and started on a wandering journey.
  • A truly hilarious show, great for comic relief from the stresses of RL. This is serious comedy, made to brighten anyone's day.

    Let's begin this review by declaring the summary for School Rumble at WRONG. The Manga is written by Kobayashi Jin. A quick google search of "kobayashi jin school rumble" will confirm this. Do not get confused with the Initial D PARODIES.

    Moving on, this is a the ultimate love comedy. For those who relish seeing love rectangles, misunderstandings, parodies and hidden jokes, School Rumble is packed with all of them!

    I watched this in Japanese - since I can understand it.

    The plot starts simply. The female lead, Tenma has a crush on a guy. Harima, the male lead has a crush on Tenma. The triangle is set, here we go!

    The plot eventually expands to Tenma's classmates and beyond, each and every one of them having a unique personality (and quirks). Every character is interesting in their own way, and School Rumble scores excellently in the character development department.

    The opening and ending themes (especially in the first season) are especially catchy and appropriate for a silly and funny comedy like this. The music in the anime itself general is repetitive and lacks variation but is still suited to the situation at hand.

    The animation is unique, with a combination of different drawing techniques. Some people do not like this inconsistency, seeing characters as chibi one moment, full sized the next. However, I find they aid the expression of the characters' feelings and importantly adds comedy value in what is essentially a comedy!

    The voice actors/actresses (in Japanese) do a superb job, using over-expressive tones and exaggeration of words. It simply fits in the whole spirit of the program. Without their efforts, School Rumble would be very bland.

    Possible drawbacks of this show - the silliness/stupidity can go overboard quite often although this may actually satisfy the desire for comedy by the audience. Another point to take note is, some jokes are centered on the Japanese language and culture, which will make some parts hard to understand for English viewers (my score does not take this into account however, since the primary ojective of animes are to satisfy the Japanese audience first).

    To sum it up, this is a great program to watch for great comic relief. Outrageously funny yet actually has a proper timeline - thus a story, and character development. Who on earth thought of this indeed!

    I give this show a 9.5/10, bearing in mind 9.2 is "average" at

    My personal "British University" rating is a 7.0/10, a first-class show, not to be missed for love-comedy enthusiasts.

    A small note: After 2 seasons and 52 episodes, I hope School Rumble can keep up with originality. It is running the risk of becoming "old" and repetitive.
  • One of the Funniest Anime Series Ever

    School Rumble is highly addictive because it is just so funny. When someone watches the beginning of the first episode, this anime series might look a bit gay. However, if you would just give it a shot, you will know that this series is extremely funny. Who knows? You might even be obsessive over the many different factions that are in this series.

    This show was originally based on these two characters, Harima Kenji and Tsukamoto Tenma, who has a crush on someone. Harima has a crush on Tenma while she has a crush on this other guy in her class, Karasuma Ooji. Throughout this series, Harima and Tenma had made multiple attempts to confess their feelings, but they always fail. By watching how they fail and the outcome of their failures is the hilarious part of this whole show. Eventually, there will be other love interests and plenty more confessing failures. And this will keep repeating, and it does get funnier after everytime.
  • Love, what is love? Tenma and Harima often ask themselves that question. This show is alot about mis communication and misunderstanding and some episodes are so funny you might spit up your coffeee over your Computer screen be warned!

    I Totally love the off the wall comedy. Some of it makes so little sense and makes you laugh so hard. at times it seems harsh like a drama but its a good mix. Some characters you will start to grow bonds with and understand at times. Although Tenma seems a bit of a airheaded at times going on about Karasuma. Its a great show to just watch at odd times it usually doesn't follow too direct of continuation from the episodes. I'd recomend this too anyone who likes to laugh and loves outrageous characters and scripts and weird stuff for no reason.
  • This one is reley funey!!!

    I hew sen alot of anime, but this one is the moste funey one I hew sen until now!!! The firs word for this anime is love complication:
    evrey one loves somo one and et sems like the other part dont notis. That givs alot of funn and dum situetions.
    The main persons are Tenma and I will also say Harima. Tenma is a wird girl that livs at home whit her sister Yakumo. Harima dont reley hew a plays for hes one but changes playes he livs to the seris(specaley sesen 2). ass you can see from the pecer from the lonk abov meny lovs some one bat not the other whay araund, I reley like this anima and is aditet att the moment, I will truley recomand it!!
  • i like this show because it has surprising funny parts, like at one point, you'll think one thing is going to happen, and it doesnt, but they also make it fun by puttins some predictable things in there

    its a good funny show, sometimes i wont get the jokes in it, so it wont exactly be funny, but overall, its a funny show. my favorate character has to be that karasuma dude, he pays no attention, the basic plot is that this school delinquient named harima kenji, likes this girl names tsukamoto tenma, but she likes karasuma, and karasuma doesnt give about anything, his mind is only set on curry(japanese stew) and the whole plot is harima trying to get with tenma, and tenma trying to get with karasuma, its funny because they are all so stupid, and they have no clue whats going on and they do not even once think walk up to the person and tell them themselves. any one who reas this should really give it a try, most likely you'll like it.
  • Hilarious, crazy, underappreciated: School Rumble.

    School Rumble is not your typical romantic comedy. It's the story of a HUGE cast of characters and the love triangles within them. At this point, it's very hard to tell who will end up with whom, unlike most anime, which is exciting and refreshing.

    It stars Harima Kenji, a violent and outcasted high school guy, hopelessly in love with the dimwitted, happy-go-lucky Tsukamoto Tenma, who is in turn obsessed with the distant and otherwordly Karasuma Ooji. ALL of the characters are hilarious and unique in their own respects, and the plot is surprisingly multifaceted. The story doesn't go in a straight path, it's comprised of multiple weaving, criss-crossing paths. We have yet to see where they end up, but School Rumble is unique, original, and highly entertaining.

    I'm surprised it hasn't gotten much attention; the show is extremely funny and at times very sweet. Harima's episodes with Tenma's little sister, Imadori's womanizing, the athletic competition, and of course, the School Rumble. I object to the claim that the anime has nothing to do with a School Rumble, and I tend to think that "rumble" is meant more in a colloquial sense (and in broken English), and the craziness of the show could definitely fit the description.
  • LOL =)

    "School Rumble" is a really funny show that revolves around Tsukamoto Tenma and Harima Kenji. Beyond these two characters, there are a vast array of people in "School Rumble" to really mix things up: from Ichijou Karen (the cute little wrestler) to Imadori Kyousuke (the playboy), "School Rumble's" roster of characters is chaotic and frenzied. There is really no plot organization at all (one negative thing about the series) but I suppose a comedy-based anime shouldn't really require one. The romance element in "School Rumble" is not as satisfying as it could've been, and some of the jokes come off as kind of corny and lame, but for the most part - the show is exceptionally entertaining... and weird =)

  • Despite the name, School Rumble is not about fights in school. Although, there is some fighting in it, plus a whole lot more!

    Pros: upredictable, funny, and unpredictably funny; good animation; lots of parodying; good music; great voice acting; cute girls, including Yakumo!

    Cons: feels short; not enough Yakumo

    If a high-school-romance show got married to the comedic anime, Pani Poni Dash, their baby may look like School Rumble, and it would be a very cute baby, too - a funny baby that has spoofs, pop-cultural references, adorable girls, and pleasantly upbeat music, with some fight scenes thrown in here and there.

    School Rumble (Sukuran for short) is an anime about an aloof high school girl named Tsukamoto Tenma, who has a crush on her classmate Karasuma Ooji (who I consider to be like the brother of Pani Poni Dash's Ichijou-san). However, a delinquent by the name of Harima Kenji is in love with Tenma. Both Harima and Tenma get into multiple escapades with humorous results, trying to confess their love to their crushes, even though their crushes never seem to notice them.

    The story then incoporates more other memorable characters, including, but not limited to, Sawachika Eri, Suou Mikoto, Hanai Haruki, and (my favorite character in the show) Tsukamoto Yakumo. The characters are all unique in their own ways. For example, Yakumo is Tenma's younger sister, but Yakumo is taller, more introverted, and more mature than Tenma. Plus, Yakumo has the special ability to read the thoughts of boys who like her. What's more is that Yakumo has a sweet innocent voice that makes me fall in love with her. This brings up another positive of Sukuran: the voice acting. Each of the voices match their characters perfectly. Takahashi Hiroki does a great job of capturing Harima's tough yet emotional personality (he is the voice for Katsuya Jounouchi from Yu-Gi-Oh, after all), and Koshimizu Ami's voice makes Tenma sound just like she is - a ditzy 16-year-old girl.

    But how's the actual anime, you might ask? I say it's great, thank you. School Rumble is hilarious with a capital "H." Sukuran really excels in comedy with misunderstandings that can happen in everyday life, whether it is about trying to confess to your secret crush or cleaning the school pool to impress someone you like. There are also humorous spoofs that come out of nowhere like a fight scene that seems like it was taken straight out of an episode of Dragon Ball Z (episode 9) and even the famous bullet scene from The Matrix movie (episode 3). Speaking of The Matrix, there are occasionally scenes that are rendered into 3-D. That's not to say that the animation itself is bland. It's anything but that. Sukuran has the three Bs: bright, bold, and beautiful coloring.

    The music is equally satisfying as the art. Horie Yui (who also lends her voice talent to the show as Eri) sings the appalling enjoyable opening theme song, "Scramble," and even has an insert song called "Feel My Feeling" thrown in for good measure. "Onna no Ko Otoko no Ko" (try saying that five times fast) is the ending theme, performed by Ogura Yuko for Sukuran, and a rather cute-sounding one at that. Takahashi Hiroki also does a bit of singing. He performs the song "Kun he - Kaze ni Nosete" as the theme song for his character, Harima.

    School Rumble is not just about high school romance and parodies. There is also a bit of fighting here and there. Harima is a delinquent after all, and what do delinquents like him do? Fight... for love. There is also some drama that plays out as the show moves on to its later episodes. Not to spoil anything, but Eri and Mikoto eventually get into a disagreement that is rather emotional and sad.

    Since Sukuran is a school-girl anime, you'd think that there would be a lot of panty shots that are bountiful in many other school-girl anime shows. If you did think that, then you'd be wrong - girls girls everywhere, and not a panty shot to be seen. Although, in the OVAs, there is a bit of nudity.

    If there's at least one real thing to complain about School Rumble (besides my ranting about how Yakumo doesn't seem to have much screen time), it's the fact that it feels short. 26 measly episodes and 2 OVAs just don't seem enough to quench the thirst for more escapades of Tenma and Harima. Luckily, there is news about a second season for School Rumble to come soon.

    It's just like the ending song for episode 26 suggests: School Rumble 4Ever!!!!