School Rumble

Season 2 Episode 15

A Man Shut Out, A Man Left Out, A Man Tested Out


Full Episode: A Man Shut Out, A Man Left Out, A Man Tested Out


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Summed Up Man: Harima's manga is published instead of Karasuma's, and it gets good reviews. Yakumo befriends the head of the Discussion Club, who makes Harima draw him another 120 pages script by next week. The good news is it's winter break, and Harima can stay at home and draw all he wants. The bad news is Itoko left for a ski trip, leaving Harima locked outside of the house! But is it really that bad?

Invited Man: Can it be? Do Harima and Tenma live under the same roof? Yes! It's like they are newlyweds… but can Harima produce a 120 pages script with Tenma around? And what's up with Eri?

Tested Man: Does Yakumo really need a tag to be a mangaka assistant? And does Tenma really need to make sure Harima is good for her little sister? And does it really matter? It does give Harima some strange ideas…

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