School Rumble

Season 2 Episode 14

At At El Cado/In America/With America

Full Episode: At At El Cado/In America/With America


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In Colorado: It's Tenma's Birthday Party, and everyone in class 2-C came to celebrate with her! All except Karasuma. Since it's Tenma's birthday, she gets to be the queen and boss everybody around. Yakumo tries to give Harima a birthday present, yet Eri is interrupting her. Harima is planning on telling Tenma his true feelings, but instead decide to cheer her up.

In America: Harima is being called to help in the office. Hanai tells Imadori that Karasuma goes to America on a monthly basis, but from unknown reason. In the Discussion Club, Harima discovered he has been called to help Nijoufu, meaning Karasuma. He accidently spill some ink on Nijoufu's script. In order to fix it, he send Karasuma to Tenma's party. After her party is over, Tenma is gloomy in her room, but not for long - Karasuma is at her door step to cheer her up!

With America: Yakumo is being urgently called to help by Harima. He spilt too many ink and ruined the script, and now he has to rewrite it. As they are doing so, they find themselves in some awkward situations. Finally, Yakumo finds a time to give Harima is Birthday present.

The party continues without Tenma. Everybody play "pass the bomb" and the loser must wear a costume.
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