School Rumble

Season 2 Episode 4

Decision with a Play!/Decision with a Bath!/Decision with Onigiri!


Full Episode: Decision with a Play!/Decision with a Bath!/Decision with Onigiri!


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Decision with a Play!: Mai and Tsugumi review Class 2-C’s suggestion for the plot of the play that the class will do for the upcoming Cultural Festival. They end up reading weird stories like Harima disguised as Yakumo, Mikoto as a top ballerina and making the other girls jealous of her, Eri becoming poor and forced to eat kake soba at a noodle restaurant (with Harima disguised as Nishimoto, playing the chef), and Mai transforming into “Mai Dream” a la mahou shoujo. When all else fails, you can count on Akira to deal with it. Decision with a Bath!: Since Class 2-C’s preparations for the Cultural Festival are running late, the class stays at school for the night to get ready. Later, the class goes to a bathhouse to wash up. All the while, Eri ponders about her feelings toward Harima after hearing that he likes girls with their hair tied on both sides of their heads (unaware of the fact that Harima was talking about Tenma, not her… or Yakumo, who happened to have changed her hairstyle to having her hair tied on both sides of her head.) Decision with Onigiri!: The class takes a little break by eating Onigiri. The twist is that there are several Onigiri, each one made by a girl. Harima wants to eat Tenma’s Onigiri and say that it’s delicious to her, but he’ll have to endure some awful-tasting Onigiri to find it.moreless
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