School Rumble

Season 2 Episode 17

Eri's Escape, Harima's Lullaby, The False Bride

Full Episode: Eri's Escape, Harima's Lullaby, The False Bride


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Eri's Elopement : Tenma is Eri, Nakamura is Mikoto and the real Eri is on the run. Can Harima save his beloved Tenma from marriage?

Harima's Lullaby: A flat tire is all that stands between Harima and his goal, but now he must spend the night at a temple with Eri, and there's only one towel….

False Bride: While Eri talk things through with her mother, Tenma pretends to be Eri, and Harima pretends to be Eri's fiancée. Will the girls find out who is this mysterious worker?

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