School Rumble

Season 1 Episode 24

Irritation. Indecision. Wandering

Full Episode: Irritation. Indecision. Wandering (23:48)

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Fretfulness: There are rumors going around the school about Harima and Eri dating each other. Since Harima knows that he no longer has a chance with Tenma, he asks Yakumo to get something from off his desk and change the nametag on it. The thing was supposed to be Harima's love story, but Yakumo accidentally picks up a shirt that was meant to be a present for Harima from Eri, who ends up thinking that Yakumo is dating Harima.

Hesitation: Karasuma's birthday is coming up soon. So Tenma tries her best to bake a cake for him.

Wandering: Harima (whose hair has grown back) begins a new life on a ship at sea. However, the crew of the ship does not think highly of him.

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