School Rumble

Season 2 Episode 23

Jumbo Dream/ Dream Jump/ Dream Express

Full Episode: Jumbo Dream/ Dream Jump/ Dream Express


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Tenma decides it's time to lose some weight… yeah, right.

Jumbo Dream : Tenma and her friends have gone skiing, while Itoko and her friend have gone to Okinawa. But with a 30 page script to write and no money at all, Harima can only gaze from afar…

Dream Jump: Everybody has a shocking side- Tenma is great at ski, and Karasuma likes to dress as a snowman. Not to mention Ichijou's great ice skating skills. Now Lala is envious.

Dream Express: Yakumo is all alone, and isn't feeling well. Harima is all alone, too. Can a giraffe help them both?

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