School Rumble

Season 2 Episode 12

Perfect, Prohibited!/Entry, Prohobited!/Boxers, Prohibited!

Full Episode: Perfect, Prohibited!/Entry, Prohobited!/Boxers, Prohibited!


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Perfect, Prohibited!: Tenma goes to study at the school library, but she falls asleep. When she wakes up, all of a sudden, Tenma is adored by everyone, and somehow, everything about her revolves around the number 165.

Tenma’s birthday is tomorrow but no one has time to spend it with her. So, Harima plans on giving Tenma a perfect birthday. To do that, he must venture through the torture chamber that is Itoko’s bedroom.

Entry, Prohibited!: It’s Tenma’s birthday today! So Harima puts his plan into action and give Tenma a happy birthday (Shuuji and Akira are along for the ride). However, the day ended up being uneventful. The only chance for Harima to turn things around is to eat at an expensive Western restaurant.

Boxers, Prohibited!: Dinner is served, and what’s on the plate for Harima? The fact that each dinner will cost over 10,000 yen!moreless
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