School Rumble

Season 2 Episode 6

Sleeping Beast/Kiss Impossible/Finale

Full Episode: Sleeping Beast/Kiss Impossible/Finale (24:22)

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Sleeping Beast: It’s time for 2-C’s highly-aniticipated play of "Sleeping Beauty"! 6 heroines, Eri, Tenma, Ichijou, Madoka, Megumi, and Ayano, must brave through swimsuit sumo wrestlers and cursed moving vines to awaken a cursed princess who has been asleep for 100 years. When they finally reach the top of the tower in which the princess is imprisoned, the princess (who’s supposed to be played by Mikoto) turns out to be Harima (who really has fallen asleep)!

Kiss Impossible: With a sudden change of the cast (i.e. Harima playing as the princess instead of Mikoto), it means a change in the script as well! With all the improvising going on, it leads the audience demanding a kiss scene between Yakumo, playing the evil sorceress, and Harima! "Bravo!" says an overly-enthusiastic Tougou.

Finale: The boring post-festival event turns into a dance party when Ichijou’s band takes center stage! Everyone is getting a chance to dance, including such pairs as Mikoto and Asou and Eri and Yakumo!

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