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Syfy (ended 2006)


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  • This group of "experts" (and their official skeptic) are sent out to investigate paranormal events. These experts, however, seem no better informed about their subjects than someone weaned on old "In Search Of" episodes.

    This group goes to investigate subjects that we've all seen hundreds of times before, but provides absolutely no new information about the topics. They simply rehash things we all already know. So just what is the point of this show? Unlike "A Haunting", it doesn't set out to scare you. Drunken campfire songs don't count. Unlike "Ghost Hunters", it doesn't seek to seriously analize situations. They're too quick to believe that Bigfoot is stomping around the woods because they hear noises. What did they possibily think they could find by searching to the Rosewell crash site 50 years later? "Is It Real?" talks to experts who demonstrate why you should be skeptical about some claims. You don't see any real attempt at debunking here. So basically, the show is just a road trip to creepy places with people you don't care too much about. Save your time and check out the other paranoarmal shows instead.

    And for heavens sake, lose that frat boy "skeptic". His constant posing and cool stud act got old before the first hour ended.
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