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Syfy (ended 2006)


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  • A lot of potential, but...

    This could probably be a very interesting series. I really enjoy this type of paranormal investigation show, and I think it's great that Sci-Fi Network has this and Ghost Hunters, which attempt to take a serious look at the paranormal, as opposed to most similar shows which seem to be little more than people screaming and running in terror every time they hear a door slamming.

    Unfortunately, they've turned this into The Rob Mariano Show, and should probably rename it as such. I thought it had to be a joke when I found out he was a part of this show, and I really don't understand why he's there. He offers nothing, has zero on-screen personality, and yet unfortunately they've made him the main focus of the show. It seems like the entire show is just an exercise to extend yet again his 15 minutes of fame. This is fine if you're one of the handful of people who actually think this guy is worth something, but if you're like me, he makes the show practically unwatchable.

    They should get rid of the dead weight (Rob), and try again, and they could probably have a decent show. If they're going to keep broadcasting The Rob Mariano Show, then I'll be perfectly happy to just tune out.