Sci Fi Science - Season 2

Thursday on The Science Channel Premiered Jan 01, 2010 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • 11/10/10
    According to Hollywood, evil robots are all around us, disguised as cars and trucks. But what kind of mechanical power allows a Camero to stand and move around like a human? Dr. Michio Kaku is on a quest to build a real life shapeshifting Transformer.
  • Holodeck
    Episode 11
    Dr. Michio Kaku believes we can build one of sci-fi's most imaginative creations: Star Trek's Holodeck. He's on a mission to create an imaginary world indistinguishable from the real thing.
  • A.I. Uprising
    Episode 10
    Imagine a world ruled by machines where humanity has been wiped out. This is no sci-fi fantasy; machines will be smarter than us. Dr. Michio Kaku is drawing up a plan to save the human race.
  • Cyborg Army
    Episode 9
    Science fiction is full of terrifying man machines whose awesome power can crush any opponent. But could we one day build our own army of superhuman cyborgs? Dr. Michio Kaku thinks recruitment for a cyborg army could begin sooner than you think.
  • Black Hole Odyssey
    Episode 8
    In sci fi, the most destructive force in the entire universe is also the key to travelling to a whole host of mind-blowing destinations. Dr. Michio Kaku aims to sort fact from fiction and work out how to travel through a black hole... and survive.
  • 10/6/10
    Dr. Michio Kaku brings physics to bear on the most iconic scene in sci fi and designs a star fighter that could blow up a moon-sized Death Star.
  • First Contact
    Episode 6
    Do aliens really exist? With as many planets in the universe as there are grains of sand on Earth, most experts agree - finding extra terrestrials is just a matter of time. Michio Kaku is on a mission to make first contact.
  • Alien Invasion
    Episode 5
    The aliens are coming! It's the cry at the heart of hundreds of sci fi movies - but what would we do if a hostile alien race really were intent on invading? Earth must be prepared and Dr. Michio Kaku has a plan.
  • A New Solar System
    Episode 4
    It's Dr. Michio Kaku's most ambitious plan yet- the construction of a new solar system. A giant sphere encircling a star, with new stellar civilization living on the inside. Its not sci fi, it's Kaku's vision for the future of humanity.
  • Deep Impact
    Episode 3
    90% of the rocks in space are big enough to destroy civilization. And it's not a question of if they'll hit - it's a question of when. Dr Michio Kaku is on a mission to save planet Earth.
  • 9/1/10
    Tiny swarmbots search the galaxy for habitable planets, human DNA is broken down into ones and zeroes and beamed light years away to incubators- its all part of Dr. Michio Kaku's plan for galactic colonization.
  • Earth 2.0
    Episode 1
    Floating cloud cities; giant solar mirrors and an asteroid barrage - just some of the crazy yet brilliant plans that Dr. Michio Kaku comes up with for the construction of Earth 2.0!