Science Fiction Theatre

(ended 1957)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Sound That Kills
      A scientist must clear his name when he is accused of murdering someone with an ultrasonic weapon he has created.
    • The Strange Lodger
      The Strange Lodger
      Episode 38
      A scientist's new TV ratings device can tell what channel a person's watching just by aiming an antenna at their house. He's perplexed when it registers a channel 84--a channel that doesn't exist--coming from the apartment of an elderly gentleman. A government UFO investigator becomes involved, convinced the old man isn't receiving information, but transmitting it to an alien craft.moreless
    • Bolt of Lightning
      Bolt of Lightning
      Episode 37
      An investigation reveals that a scientist died and his entire building was destroyed when he tried to build a flying saucer.
    • The Magic Suitcase
      The Magic Suitcase
      Episode 36

      A man and his grandson, on a weekend trip to their mountain cabin, pick up a hitchhiker. The stranger soon disappears, but leaves behind a suitcase with an electrical outlet on its side. The luggage is able to generate enormous amounts of power. Grandpa turns it over to a laboratory for investigation and the scientists are confounded by the technology it contains. The old man's theory is its a gift from an advanced outer space traveler.

    • Gravity Zero
      Gravity Zero
      Episode 35
      Two scientists who are about to lose their jobs, astound the world with a process that neutralizes gravity.
    • Killer Tree
      Killer Tree
      Episode 34
      A scientist investigates a tree with an ancient reputation of breathing death. He discovers that the area surrounding the tree releases a colorless, odorless, and deadly gas.
    • Facsimile
      Episode 33
      Three top scientists fall victim to a mysterious disease. An investigation reveals that the lab they worked in has been picking up and amplifying pain impulses from a hospital across town.
    • Sun Gold
      Sun Gold
      Episode 32
      Evidence of a 2,000 year old nuclear explosion is uncovered in the Peruvian Andes. Explorers go there and discover the skeleton of a "visitor from the sky" who provided the Incas with incredible secrets including the ability to harness the power of sunlight.
    • The Miracle Hour
      The Miracle Hour
      Episode 31
      A boy blinded in an automobile accident is treated by a doctor using a new technique involving lights.
    • The Human Circuit
      The Human Circuit
      Episode 30

      A nightclub dancer claims she saw a nuclear bomb explosion during a seizure. Her physician mentions this strange claim to a scientist who confirms she saw a secret atomic blast. Believing her a clairvoyant, the two men get the young woman to participate in tests, hoping to prove scientifically how her "gift" works.

    • Dr. Robot
      Dr. Robot
      Episode 29
      A digital computing machine designed to translate human languages appears to have been tampered with. An investigation reveals, however, that a staff member has been secretly using the computer to evaluate medical alternatives for his critically ill wife.
    • Signals from the Moon
      A diplomat from an eastern country must undergo a delicate operation involving bouncing a video signal off the moon after he is injured by an assassin's bullet.
    • The Last Barrier
      The Last Barrier
      Episode 27

      In a secret test, the US launches a rocket from the Pacific aiming for the moon. To maintain security the government plants a story that the rocket is actually a flying saucer. UFO reports come in, however, from the East Coast where viewing the launch was impossible. The scientists begin to believe that there are flying saucers out there as unexplainable blips follow the rocket on radar.

    • Three Minute Mile
      Three Minute Mile
      Episode 26
      Since becoming Dr. Kendall assistant, college student Britt has gained incredible strength, and can run a mile in about three minutes. A nosy reporter, along with Britt's fiance, begin snooping to find out what kind of "Frankenstein"-type experiments the doctor is conducting.
    • The Voice
      The Voice
      Episode 25
      A ESP skeptic discovers evidence that may save the life of a man sentenced to death. When his plane crashes, the skeptic is forced to us ESP to transmit the crucial evidence to prison authorities.
    • Survival in Box Canyon
      A rescue operation tries to locate a pilot whose plane crashed in an atomic bonb testing area.
    • Death at My Fingertips
      A student is framed for murder by someone forging fingerprint evidence. It is later discovered that the real killer knows how to transfer finger prints through plastic skin grafts.
    • Brain Unlimited
      Brain Unlimited
      Episode 22
      While testing an anti-black-out serum a pilot is forced to eject. He later tries to reconstruct the event by speeding up his brain.
    • One Thousand Eyes
      One Thousand Eyes
      Episode 21
      After a scientist is murdered and the main suspect dies, a police scientist reconstructs the crime with a revolutionary camera.
    • The Miracle of Dr. Dove
      Investigators try to locate three vanished nutrition experts who may have found the key to longer life.
    • The Throwback
      The Throwback
      Episode 19

      A geneticist becomes convinced that memories can be transmitted through genes. Looking at the family tree of an acquaintance, Professor Hughes is struck by the similarities of a young man and an ancestor from 400 years earlier. He's becomes alarmed when he learns the circumstance of the ancestor's death; he fears the young man will meet the same fate.

    • Jupitron
      Episode 18
      A man and woman are transported to a moon of Jupiter where a long missing scientist gives then a formula for creating synthetic food.
    • Living Lights
      Living Lights
      Episode 17
      A scientist creates the atmosphere of Venus in a bell-jar to prove that life can exist there. He, however, doesn't anticipate the strange creatures of floating light that appear in, and then escape from, his bell-jar.
    • The Legend of Crater Mountain

      A teacher in an Arizona one-room schoolhouse is the target of harassment by three siblings. The kids possess psychic powers they use to irritate and frighten the woman. Local legend has it that the family arrived 200 years earlier in a UFO crash. When the teacher's friend, a psychic researcher, arrives to investigate, the kids' stunts become dangerous.

    • Beam of Fire
      Beam of Fire
      Episode 15

      Dr. Bellow, working on an energy source that would allow travel between planets, is killed in his lab after a mysterious phone call. Security is tightened on the surviving scientist on the project, but he, too, is mysteriously killed. It's determined that an unknown ray had been aimed at both men. The source of the ray: an intelligent being wanting to discourage our space travels.

    • The Phantom Car
      The Phantom Car
      Episode 14

      The sheriff scoffs at an old prospector's claim that a driverless car tried to run him over in the desert. He takes things seriously when a geologist's wife is injured by the same vehicle. Armed with scientific equipment, the men determine that the car is radio controlled. Now they must determine who's operating the controls and what they hope to achieve.

    • End of Tomorrow
      End of Tomorrow
      Episode 13
      A German scientist appears in Washington 20 years after supposedly being lost in a South American jungle. He's brought with him an antibiotic so powerful that it prevents and cures every known disease in world. Just before mass inoculations are to begin, two government researchers discover it's dangerous side effect: those using it will only give birth to females.moreless
    • Man Who Didn't Know

      An experimental aircraft explodes over the Pacific with no survivors found. Six months later, a scientist on the flight is found in a Singapore hospital after being picked up by ship. Other than the rescue, he can't remember anything about his ordeal. After returning to work on the plane project, the military learns that an overseas enemy knows everything about their top secret work. Somehow, the rescued man has been turned into an unwitting leak.

    • The Human Experiment

      A biochemist hoping to help the mentally ill function in society isolates an enzyme from bees which she injects in patients. At her isolated Arizona laboratory, Dr. Ballard creates a collection of people exhibiting the characteristics of the various inhabitants of a hive, from the queen to a worker. A fellow scientist invited for a visit feels he must rescue the doctor from the cluthes of her own creations.

    • The Missing Waveband
      Dr. Vincent Milhurst confesses to some fellow scientists that he did not devise the calculations that make stable satellites possible. Instead, they came from an unknown voice on a newly-found radio frequency. Further contact with the voice, who they believe is leaking information from an enemy country, gives them even more advanced scientific data. When they finally trace the signal, they discover it's originating 367 million miles away from Earth.moreless
    • The Mind Machine
      The Mind Machine
      Episode 9
      Elderly Dr. Milton has been developing a computerized device that translates one's brain waves into written text. Following the senior scientist's death, Dr. Cathcart continues his work with the "mind writer," using it to decipher the final thoughts from the late doctor's brain.
    • The Unguided Missile
      A young woman becomes a national security risk when her ESP abilities pick up top-secret defense formulas.
    • The Flicker
      The Flicker
      Episode 7

      Two police inspectors attempt to prove that a man committed a murder because of the hypnotic effect caused by a movie screen flicker.

    • Bullet Proof
      Bullet Proof
      Episode 6

      An escaped prison inmate comes across an incredible metal substance, one that is light and pliable, yet resists bullets. He claims the product was left behind by a flying saucer. Shielded by the substance, the escapee goes on a bank robbing spree and is labeled by the press "The Bulletproof Man." Realizing it's worth millions, he offers it up to a steel industrialist who's part of a trap to capture the criminal.

    • When a Camera Fails
      A geophysics professor uses his revolutionary new microscope to make a startling discovery: certain crystals act as photographic film. Examining prehistoric rocks, he's able to see images of dinosaurs; glass formed by an atomic test show him the mushroom cloud. The scientist is thought to have suffered a nervous breakdown because no one else is able to see the pictures he claims to be seeing.moreless
    • The Green Bomb
      The Green Bomb
      Episode 4
      A scientist uses stolen material to build an atomic bomb in his house.
    • Who Is This Man?
      Who Is This Man?
      Episode 3
      Tommy Cooper's shyness is so crippling, he's failing his college courses. At the request of his sister, Dr. Bentley of the psychology department puts Tommy under hypnosis to find the cause of his fears. Instead, the young man claims to be Jack Welsch, a murderer hanged in 1888.
    • The Long Sleep
      The Long Sleep
      Episode 2
      A scientist is forced to put a dying young boy into deep freeze by a desperate father.
    • Signals From the Heart
      A policeman who wears an electronic heart transmitter has a heart attack and is searched for by doctors and his fellow police.
  • Season 1