Scientific American Frontiers - Season 13

PBS (ended 2005)


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Episode Guide

  • Worried Sick
    Worried Sick
    Episode 10
    Worried Sick is an episode from the popular science show Scientific American Frontiers that aired on June 3, 2003. Scientists study stress and how it affects humans and animals. In the first segment, a Stanford researcher takes a look at the stress patterns of baboons. Then the effect stress has on the heart, on married couples, and the body's reaction to stress is studied.moreless
  • You Can Make it On Your Own
    You Can Make it On Your Own from the show Scientific American Frontiers is an educational documentary program hosted by actor and author Adam Alda. The program explores the world of digital technology and features four short films, Digital World, Young Inventors, The Frontiers Contest and Hyperscore. During the program Alan meets several inventors and is shown a hyper violin, a wearable computer and a camera flash periscope.moreless
  • Calls of the Wild
    Calls of the Wild
    Episode 8
    Calls of the Wild is an episode of the PBS show Scientific American Frontiers. Alan Alda is the host for this episode in which researchers listen to the sounds made by birds, bees, elephants, and bugs. They discover how they communicate when they flirt with one another, when they are eavesdropping on each other, and when giving directions.moreless
  • The Wonder Pill
    The Wonder Pill
    Episode 7
    In the episode The Wonder Pill from the show Scientific American Frontiers airing February 18 2003, host Alan Alda investigates the placebo effect. This is the psychological effect of a "fake pill" on the health of a patient. The show looks into the scientific basis behind it and whether it is possible to use it as medical therapy.moreless
  • Deep Crisis
    Deep Crisis
    Episode 6
    Deep Crisis, hosted by Alan Alda, is the sixth episode in the thirteenth season of the PBS documentary series Scientific American Frontiers. This episode focuses on the uncertain future of salmon and tuna that live in the Earth's oceans. Alda meets with a group of scientist dedicated to the study of these fish to learn their fate.moreless
  • Mysteries of the Deep
    Mysteries of the Deep is an episode of the PBS TV series Scientific American Frontiers. In this episode, host Alan Alda interviews underwater explorer Bob Ballard about his latest discoveries. What new breakthroughs are waiting to be found beneath the world's oceans? Watch Mysteries of the Deep, and find out.
  • Forever Wild
    Forever Wild
    Episode 4
    The episode "Forever Wild" from the show Scientific American looks at the complex natural systems on which all of life depends in order to ensure continued survival. Alan Alda hosts the episode that hopes to figure out what is needed in order for a species to survive before it is too late.moreless
  • The Intimate Machine
    In this episode of Scientific American Frontiers, scientists work together to blend sociology and technology together. Their goal is to try to make machines more enjoyable for people to use. Host, Alan Alda, communicates with computers in this segment. They know how he feels, what Alan's doing, where he's located and who he actually is. The cuddly, cute robot, known as "ultimate computer", is in development under a MIT and Hollywood collaboration.moreless
  • Make Up Your Mind
    Make Up Your Mind
    Episode 2
    Make Up Your Mind from the show Scientific American Frontiers is an educational documentary program that is hosted by Alan Alda and written, produced and directed by Graham Chedd. The program is split into four segments, How Phileas Lost It, Why Kids Don't Get It, Tough Choices, Into the Dark and Power of Half. During each segment Alan examines various studies and talks with researchers and scientists to gain insight into how the human brain makes choices and decisionsmoreless
  • Unearthing Secret America
    Episode 1 from season 13 of the PBS show Scientific American Frontiers, aired on 10/8/02, and is entitled Unearthing Secret America. The popular television series is hosted by six-time Emmy award-winning actor Alan Alda who uses his enthusiasm and curiosity to explore the matters of science. In this episode, archeologists reveal new discoveries about life in colonial America, including artifacts that were buried underneath slaves' quarters.moreless